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Summer capsule wardrobe

Even though the weather has made an awkward turn towards Autumn, today we are dedicating a few lines to the difficult science of Summer capsule-wardrobing… hoping that there will be more sunny days ahead. If you read our last piece about conscious shopping, you know that I’m trying to reduce my purchases and create an edited wardrobe. I’m planning to write an update in a few months but June has been difficult, the sales and our recent trip to London made my policy went up in smoke, but I’m determined to behave myself again! Anyway, today we bring you my better half’s Summer capsule wardrobe, which as you can see in the pictures is quite cohesive, monochrome and simple. That is, what capsule wardrobes are meant to be. Two tees, two dresses, two shorts, one jacket and one jumsuit. Stripes, blue and denim mixed with neutral shades and natural textures. One bag and a pair of comfortable espadrilles. Do you need anything more for a few relaxing days in Ibiza? Yes, a couple of bikinis, …


Well, this post should have been called P. needs it, I already have it. A couple of years ago I bought a beautiful Burberry trench with leather details that became immediately my favourite piece. I wear it basically everyday in Autumn. It’s one of the first things I’d save if there was a fire in my house. That’s how much I love it. Lately, we have been looking for a trench that suits P. This is our selection: 1. The classic Burberry trench, of course. It’s obviously an investment, but it’s worth every cent. It’s timeless, it enhaces every silhouette and makes you look like a million dollar. Even if you wear it with jeans and Converse. 2. This light trench could be another option. It has a minimalistic vibe that makes it really cool. The light color is really nice too. 3. P’s favourite. We saw it the other day in a store in Hamburg and it triggered the search of the perfect trench. We both know this is the one she wants, but let’s keep …


We love hats, but we almost never wear them. We told you before: we are lazy dressers. Plus I’m a bit paranoic and I’m always thinking that my hat will fly away as soon as I go out the door. Wind is always an issue here. Very convenient for sustainable energy strategies, but really annoying for fashionable ones. Anyway, since I’m determined to make an effort this season and step out of my confort zone I’ve been browsing the Internet looking for the perfect hat to dress up my Autumn looks. I will blue-tack it to my head if necessary. See? I’m determined. These are the candidates: 1. This hat reminds me of young Sissi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria. I used to love those films when I was a child. I always wanted to look like Romy Schneider. The beautiful montains in Bayern, crispy air, rosy cheeks and gorgeous little hats. Pretty expensive, though. 2. Since I’m all for monochromatic looks this season, this hat could be a key basic piece to upgrade my looks. Besides, it …

Silver feet

The past weekend was amazing weather-wise. On Saturday we could visit the farmers market without our umbrellas and we even took a really long walk in the woods on Sunday morning. We know this is just an illusion of  Spring ( that will arrive… eventually), but we can’t help but dreaming about warmer nights, longer days and sipping drinks al fresco. And for that you need new shoes. Everybody knows that. This season we would love to wear metallic silver shoes. They go with absolutely everything and they add a nice sparkle even to your more casual outfits. 1. Leather pumps by Zara. These are extra uncomfortable. I’m sure about that. But they would be the perfect addition to your working wardrobe this Spring. 2, 3 & 4. JCrew  always gets it right. Even more in the shoe department. I love these three pairs. I couldn’t choose just one. Maybe number 3? 5. Cute shoes for cute dresses by Asos. I think Alexa Chung would love these. 6.  And how cool are these loafers? PS: Follow THE SLOW PACE …

In my suitcase: the festive clutch

Last week we started our holiday suitcase with a velvet blazer and today we are choosing a festive clutch that can be our best friend during the holiday season. Essential for parties and special dinners it can also dress up a more casual outfit. 1. This Lanvin clutch can be a great investment piece. Its print will add the best twist to the most serious attire. 2. Sweet and rock-ish. This delightful clutch would be perfect for the youngest ladies in the house. Those first Christmas parties… 3. Zara always has something for you. This baroque clutch would be the perfect way to light up a total black look. 4. A modern classic. Alexander Wang Tri-Fold texture-leather clutch which happens to be on sale. 55% off! 5. Another black clutch that can be wear as a crossbody bag too. The golden chain ornament makes it festive but not overly so. 6. We’ve already talked about this clutch on our Facebook page. Isn’t it lovely? 7. And finally, the most festive of all the clutches: a gold …

Dresses for Paris

If there is a place that inspires me to dress up is Paris. Even though the super stylish French girls wear mostly skinny jeans and basic tees and blazers in plain colours, when in Paris I always feel like wearing prints, fluffy pastels and bright lipstick. I guess that’s because I’m not a cool stylish French girl. Anyway, it’s my Paris and I overdress if I want to! For me, the best way to feel girly, pretty and comfortable for a day wandering though the streets of Paris is wearing a beautiful dress. Asos has an amazing selection of affordable dresses for this Spring. This polka dot dress would be perfect for a morning walk around Saint Germain des Prés, sigh! Here you have my favourites… maybe I give you some ideas for your next getaway!

In my suitcase: a nice dress

I’m leaving on Sunday, so this is the end of In my suitcase series – Chistmas edition. And the best way to finish these series is with a nice holiday dress, don’t you think? It’s the perfect cherry on top! This is a dress that I received just today. I have to admit that Chriselle gave me the idea. I saw it on her blog and I bought it immediately. It’s girly, super warm and has lovely festive vibe without being too Christmassy. You can buy it (on sale!) here. Other items in my suitcase, if you’d like to see: The perfect PJs Chistmas jumpers Gorgeous earrings And a warm tartan scarf

In my suitcase: A great tee

Here we are again, preparing my suitcase for Summer! I know, I know… most of you are already in Summer, but I’m still in last years’ Autumn. This is the North of Germany! When it comes to t-shirts, I’m all for plain, basic, boyish/sometime rockerish style. I don’t like too much colour or printed fabrics… I like my tees simple and comfy.