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Everyday jewellery

There are a few things that help me start the day in a better mood: 1. Having a nice breakfast with my other half. Nothing fancy, just fruit, some protein and a good cup of coffee while we check the news online and we speak about our days and whatnot. 2. Doing my makeup. You know that’s my meditation. 3. Choosing a tiny accesory that gives a small but pretty twist to my comfortable, casual look of the day.  4. Bumping into an old man on my way to work who always wishes me good morning with a warm, happy smile. While I will talk about point number 3 today, point number 4 is one of the best things that has happened to me since I moved to Germany. That gentleman is a definitely a highlight of my life in Bremen. But back to accessories. During my university years I would wear earrings every day, they were my thing. Then I went crazy for big, JCrew inspired statement necklaces. And when I moved to Germany …

My favourite necklace

A few months ago my mother surprised me with this beautiful tiny necklace. I have to say that I have a soft spot for statement necklaces, but this simple fine number has been my favourite since I saw it on Elle. And even more, since I got it! Thanks mum! Necklace by Aristocrazy


Madrid is one of the greatest places to be. I know that most people prefer Barcelona, and yes, it is a lovely city, but I’m a huge fan of Madrid. During our holidays we visited Madrid too and today I wanted to show you two wonderful terraces where you can have a drink, something to eat and listen to nice music during Madrid’s perfect and warm Summer evenings. The first picture was taken in Parque de Atenas. This place is just so cool. The music is fantastic and the views are amazing: not only because the staff is gorgeous, but also because it is placed down below the Royal Palace at the bottom of the Campo del Moro. Perfect location. The second place I wanted to show you is completely different. It is called El Espejo and it is romantic, charming and decadent. Placed in Paseo de Recoletos, in front of the magnificent Biblioteca Nacional de España, it is a lovely terrace with piano live music with the most amazing and funny mix of clients. Lovely old ladies, hipsters, …