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Hotel Skeppsholmen. Stockholm

This is going to be a long post, we warn you. Grab a drink and discover with us this fantastic hotel in the center of Stockholm. We will show you its relaxed atmosphere, some pictures of the incredible food they serve in the restaurant and, of course, expect plenty of rambling about the breakfast buffet.

The slow paced guide to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of our favorite places in the world. We love everything about it: the city is not too big but offers thousands of possibilities, almost everyone is friendly (and really good-looking), the architecture and design are outstanding and there is a fantastic food scene. We’ve decided to put together our list of recommendations in case you are thinking about visiting Copenhagen. These are just some of our favorite places and things to do for a laid-back, relaxing weekend. Don’t expect a full guide of monuments, transport tips or historical facts. But! If you want to spend a few days wandering around Copenhagen, eating great food, doing some shopping and enjoying life, then this might be of your interest.

5 things that should be mandatory in every hotel

Staying in a beautiful hotel is a wonderful experience. We have been lucky enough to stay in some wonderful boutique hotels but there is always room for improvement. These are 5 things we would love to find in every single hotel: – Milk and cookies in the room service menu. This should be absolutely mandatory. How many times have you arrived at a lovely hotel late at night, exhausted yet a little bit peckish and all you wanted was a nice comforting glass of milk and cookies before crawling into bed? Never? Oh well, we have experienced that craving lots of times. Milk and cookies is just the perfect midnight snack and I’m sure lots of guests will appreciate it! – A little courtesy room for that ackward moment when you pick your luggage after making the most of your last morning in your destination and want to rearrange your suitcases. Sometimes you have to do it in the middle of the lobby and it’s not gracious, to say the least. We remember a particularly …

Hotel de las Letras, Madrid

Hotel de las Letras is elegant, quiet and memorable. Just like a good book. It’s an space devoted to words, with quotes on the walls by famous writers and poets, so the sober atmosphere almost reminds the guests of a library. A very comfortable, kind of hip library, that is. 

Peaceful retreats

Travel changes you.  It makes us leave our comfort zones and face new experiences, new challenges and new cultures. But what if  we really look for that change? What if that personal growth is the aim, not a collateral effect? Choose these non conventional retreats for that spiritual peace and  personal transformation. Meteora, Greece The town of Meteora, about a 5-hour drive north of Athens in Thessaly, Greece, is home to a UNESCO World Heritage site – six Greek Orthodox monasteries built on enormous rock pinnacles that rise up to 1,300 feet from the valley floor. Six of the monasteries still operate today. Several of the monasteries are accessible to tourists on a road connecting the rock towers. Byzantine frescoes and architecture are a sight to see, and the views are breathtaking into the valley. Santiago de Compostela, Spain During centuries, St, Jame’s Path has been an spiritual journey for those who, religious or not, looked for growth and personal change. This journey ends in Santiago de Compostela, which historic centre has been designated a World …

Five dreamy castles

We love hotels. That’s something we’ve documented in this little blog of ours. There is something about the crispy sheets, the little toiletries, the international channels on tv and the pretty breakfast that make us happy. We love the cosmopolitan feeling that you get when you enter in a new hotel, we love eating chocolate in bed while listening to foreign languages on tv after a great day exploring the city and… well, we love room service. But there are other possibilities when it comes to accommodation. You can rent an apartment, you can even stay in a roulotte… or you can sleep in a castle. That would be the loveliest option for this season, don’t you think? Imagine great walks in the woods and sipping a cup of tea in front of the fire afterwards…

On how we can’t live without room service

Have you ever rent a house or an apartment for your holidays? We did twice and it was actually really nice, but I don’t know…. we tend to book hotels!! The thing is that when we’re planning a trip we usually look for accommodation both in vacation rentals websites and hotel booking websites but we always end up booking hotel rooms. Maybe it is because we don’t feel really safe renting a stranger’s house, or because we love having our bed made with crispy sheets every day, or because we love a good hotel breakfast, or because we are addicted to room service… We always browse through Roomorama, Wimdu and Airbnb, which I particularly like because of its neighbourhood guides. Do you know any other sites? Have you got any tips? We’d love to know!!! Guys, we know you’re there because we see you in our stats, so leave a comment! You’ll make our day! Image Marie Claire July 2010 via Solid frog.


Some days ago I read an article about Urbanauts and I though I had to share it with you. Urbanauts is a new accommodation concept that three architect friends have developed in Vienna. They have turned old vacant shops into street lofts, that is individual hotel rooms. The services that are normally provided by a hotel, such as breakfast, dry cleaning etc. have been replaced by local shops: the coffe shop around the corner becomes the breakfast lounge, dinner is served in the coolest restaurant of the neighbourhood, the spa is just two bloks away… This way they emphasize local infrastructure and at the same time, their guests live a really authentic experience feeling like locals. They will even tell you where to have your jeans customized! I can’t think of any hotel that offers that service… ;) What do you think? I think is a great idea! That’s the oposite of mainstream, isn’t it? PS: you can find our little guide to Vienna here. Images via Urbanauts