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The travel bag

We are weekenders, so a nice travel bag is something we really need/want during our European weekend getaways. It’s perfect to spend a couple of days away and travel in style. Because, let’s face it: trolleys are practical but they don’t look that good. There is something about a good old leather travel bag that says “well-travelled person”. So looking for a nice, good quality, but not overpriced option we’ve found Le Pliage Cuir, by Longchamp. It’s light, spacious, folds up when not in use and comes in a huge range of colours. Obviously our favourite is the classic Mocha, a dark brown with masculine vibes. This bag is made to carry your striped tees and black ballerinas in a romantic road trip along the Amalfi Coast. Or maybe boho dresses and tan sandals for a weekend in Ibiza. And why not jeans and light blue shirts to discover Cornwall? Do you sense the seaside theme here? Well, we do miss the sea breeze in our hair… Pic via Longchamp

In my suitcase: earrings

We spend Christmas basically on pijamas or bundled up in huge sweaters, jeans and boots, but sometimes you just want to add a little sparkle in you life… And these earrings are beautiful, aren’t they? Not that I will wear these earrings with my pjs… Well, who knows? Maybe that would be a trend one day. Wait! It’s already a trend: pajama pants and statement earrings were huge this year, right? Anyway, these earrings would look amazing with a simple LBD for a fancy night out with friends. They would be nice too paired with a nice blouse and a pair of great cut pants for a more casual look, a family dinner maybe? You can buy them