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Bar El Tomate, Madrid

When we visit Madrid we always meet our friend A. for lunch. She knows the best places to enjoy really (but really) good Spanish food. Last Summer she took us to Mercado de la Reina, which is now one of our favourite spots in Madrid, and this years she introduced us to the wonders of Bar El Tomate. This restaurant is not new, in fact we wanted to try it for a long time. But when we got A’s sign of approval, we knew the lunch was going to be fantastic.

Moodboard: Madrid

In a couple of weeks we will be flying to Spain to visit friends and family. We just can’t wait! Before heading to the beach, we will be spending a few days in our beloved Madrid. Oh, we miss that city! We lived there for a few years and we always dream about coming back. There is something about Madrid that makes it unique: you always feel welcome. It doesn’t matter where you come from, this city will make you feel at home in no time. We are looking forward to visiting this exhibition, meeting our friends for tapas in La Latina (with a couple of new babies hopefully!) and finally seeing my old coworkers, who I haven’t seen in a long time. But we need your help: any new addresses that we just can’t miss? New restaurants, bars or shops? We would be really thankful if you leave us your tips on the comment section! Thanks a million!

Mercado de la reina, Madrid

Back to Madrid to share with you another moment spent with friends around a table full of tasty food. This time we wanted to talk you about a lovely restaurant is placed in Gran Vía, the heart of Madrid, which offers the most delicious traditional food that I’ve eaten in a long time. The quality of the products is outstanding and that pays off on the plate.

Ada Palace Hotel, Madrid

Every time we visit Madrid we want to make the most of it: see all our friends, go to the theater, chek out the exhibitions and eat in all our favourite restaurants. In order to do that, we try to spend at least a couple of days in the city center. Last Summer we booked a hotel that was not very nice… but this time we made a great choice: the Ada Palace Hotel.

Janatomo, Madrid

A few days ago we had a marvellous dinner with one of our dearest friends, who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years! We chose a Japanese restaurant that not only offers great food and a perfect ambiance, but also has a special meaning for us. This was the first place where the three of us met after our wedding.

Madrid overload

Madrid is wonderful, lively and bright. It’s always a pleasure. Recently, we have enjoyed some days making the most of this amazing city. Restaurants, shops, museums, parks, architecture, theaters… Madrid overload! On Monday we showed you a nice place to eat, yesterday a lovely beauty salon and today we want to show you some postcards from the city, if you’d like to see.

Le petit salon, Madrid

Last week one of my best friends and I had the most beautiful manis at Le Petit Salon, a truly charming beauty salon in Madrid. I booked our appointments when I was in Germany and it was my friend’s brithday present. I think she liked it a lot! We had a blast! Not only we got the chance of chatting non stop during a couple of hours after three months apart, but also got the prettiest manis! I enjoyed every minute of it! Le Petit Salon has a marvellous old Hollywood glamour atmosphere. The lamps, the vintage telephones, the flowers, the lovely chairs… every detail is chosen with care and looks simply beautiful. But the best feaure of this salon is its staff. They were so nice that I ended up telling them all about my German adventures! Absolutely proffesional but really kind and cheerful, they really took care of us. I really miss this open approach to clients when I’m in Germany. There, you just don’t feel like talking or even moving… here you …

Madrid: Two plans and a hot beverage

One of our favourite indoors activities in Winter is drinking a hot beverage while having a nice conversation, that is, planning a new trip or daydreaming about it. If we do it on a Sunday afternoon in a nice cafe and the moment includes a sweet treat, the joy is inmense. Last holidays we experience this happy moment twice, in two nice little places in Madrid, and we though you may want to hear about them…


Madrid is one of the greatest places to be. I know that most people prefer Barcelona, and yes, it is a lovely city, but I’m a huge fan of Madrid. During our holidays we visited Madrid too and today I wanted to show you two wonderful terraces where you can have a drink, something to eat and listen to nice music during Madrid’s perfect and warm Summer evenings. The first picture was taken in Parque de Atenas. This place is just so cool. The music is fantastic and the views are amazing: not only because the staff is gorgeous, but also because it is placed down below the Royal Palace at the bottom of the Campo del Moro. Perfect location. The second place I wanted to show you is completely different. It is called El Espejo and it is romantic, charming and decadent. Placed in Paseo de Recoletos, in front of the magnificent Biblioteca Nacional de España, it is a lovely terrace with piano live music with the most amazing and funny mix of clients. Lovely old ladies, hipsters, …