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A new side of London

We knew the Thames. Who doesn’t? You go to London, you see the Thames. You pay no attention, though. There’s so much to see that the river just goes unnoticed. But last weekend we really experienced a new perspective of London where the river was the absolute focus. From Canada Water to Tower Bridge, we saw the Thames full of life, yet really quiet. Boats that sailed extremely fast mixed with slow river cruises. The cartoon-like skyscrapers of the City and the almost arrogant majesty of Tower bridge. The bustle and stillness that in a few minutes make the Thames look extremely different.

Sticks and sushi, London

A few weeks ago we enjoyed a night out in London which involved a traditional British wine bar and a fantastic Japanese restaurant. Globalization, huh? We ate the most delicios Ebi bites and drank Sake cockails… but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning: Gordon’s Wine Bar, the oldest wine bar in London.

St John’s Wood, London

Last year a friend took us to Primrose Hill. That was the first time we walked along St John’s Wood High Street . It was a lovely sunny day and we were surprised by all the little cafes, great shops and good looking families that we found in this street. It was like a whole new picture-perfect world. That kind of world you want to fit in. We wanted to be those skinny mums with gorgeous hair and cute children in pastel coloured strollers. We wanted to have a nice cup of coffe after a shopping spree in those beautiful boutiques. We wanted to casually pick a bunch of flowers from the little flower shops and meet our friends for brunch. Last weekend we spent a morning wandering through the streets of the neighborhood and yet again, we found St John’s Wood High Street so charming and lively. The skinny mums were there taking their children to the St. John’s Hospice Easter Fayre, the shops were still inviting and we even discovered new pretty places to have …

11 things we love about London

We wanted to make a getaway this month and spend a nice long weekend in London. But as they say, life got in the way. So sadly, we won’t be able to visit this fantastic place this moth.  Nevertheless, we’ve decided to make a little hommage to London and share with you the 11 things we love about it.

Paris London

Let’s begin our Paris themed week with one of our favourite things in the world: food! ;) We discovered this place by pure chance. Last week, after having a great time at Le Tuileries (clic) we were starving and freezing. We didn’t know where to eat and it was a little bit late, so we headed to Place de la Madeleine to visit its amazing gourmet shops and buy some nice little treats. But in our way we found this fantastic place. We were mesmerized. We liked it so much that we came back the next day for brunch!

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel, London

Last weekend we stayed at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London. Although we are not very fond of big hotels (and believe me, this hotel is huge) we were pleasantly surprised. I have to admit that the staff was simply lovely. They were charming and made us feel like we were the only guests in the hotel. So I would say that the best thing in this hotel is its staff. No doubt. But we also liked the super nice views from our bedroom (picture above), the cool decor, the central location and its declicious cuisine.

Our weekend in London

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! Here you have some pics of our weekend in London. We always have a great time in this amazing city and come back home thinking about moving to London! At some point I think we will actually move there… Anyway! This time we discovered the East, made a new friend (hi Alba!) while arranging the first collaboration of this little blog of ours, went to a musical (The Jersey Boys, super fun!) and had brunch with friends in the nicest place of London (post about it coming soon!). But there was more…