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Gasoline Grill, Copenhagen

This is arguably the best burger we’ve ever had. And we bought it in an old petrol station.

Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_6
During our recent stay in Copenhagen we discovered THE BEST burger place that had been hidden in plain sight the whole time. Every time we visit Copenhagen we choose hotels or rent apartments in the same area, between Nyhavn and Kings Garden. This neighbourhood is fantastic because we can walk to almost every sight, we can have breakfast at Atelier September or dinner at Geist, it’s nice and quiet but still lively… In short, it’s perfect. One day, having lunch at Sticks and Sushi, which happens to be one of our favourites and it’s also located in the area, we spotted a long queue of people waiting to pick up burgers at a tiny burger joint inside an old petrol station. We were shocked. We had seen the place lots of times but we never thought about trying it.  A short google search afterwards and we found out that Gasoline Grill was named one of the best burger joints in the world by US media group Bloomberg.

Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_1
Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_4 Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_3

Guess where we had lunch the following day? We picked up two cheeseburgers, fries and their famous gasoline sauce and run headed home to try them. They have a couple of benches to eat your burger there but since the weather was horrible, our warm, lovely, beautiful Airbnb was a better option. Besides, in the apartment we could eat and lick our fingers and be ugly in peace.

We aren’t going to use pretentious words to describe a burger, so just believe us when we say that this could be the best burger in history. The bun was soft and sweet, the meat juicy and delicious (it’s organic and house ground every day), the sauce was a tad spicy but also had an amazing burnt taste to it… Oh. My. Word. It was unbelievably good. Simple and delicious.

Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_7

Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_10

The fries were also spectacular. Not greasy at all, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside… Perfect. At first we thought that two portions of fries could probably be too much. AHAHAHAHA!!! We would have eaten two more. Each.  Of course.

The menu is tiny, there are only 4 burgers to choose from, but you don’t need more really. We were curious about the butter burger, in which a big dollop of butter replaces the cheese. But, well, next time.

Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_9 Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_11

Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_5

They open every day at 11 until they sold out, so if you happen to visit Copenhagen don’t miss the best burger you’ll ever have!

Autumn homemade bouquets

Every Saturday we spend a fair amount of time at the flower market. It’s part of our routine and one of the things we love the most about living in Germany. The flower culture here is fantastic. Every season the flower market changes and it gives us a sense of time and place. When tulips arrive we know Winter is finally coming to an end, cherry blossoms mark Easter, peonies announce Summer and dahlias encourage us to light candles and prepare for the cold temperatures.


We love buying lots of flowers on Saturdays and creating our very own arrangements and bouquets. Just as we meal prep on weekends, we love preparing our home for the week ahead. And since Autumn is a time for nesting, we thought we could share three easy but beautiful flower arrangements that you can easily prepare at home.

There are lot’s of thing you can use to display your flowers. Vases are an obvious, practical and perfectly fine choice but we love using whatever we have at home to create our arrangements: old mugs, empty bottles, glasses, jars or milk jugs. Look around your home and chances are you will find tons of different vessels for your flowers.



This week we have used little empty bottles, the jar where we usually have our wooden spoons and a milk jug we bought in Ikea a few years ago. We bought different flowers choosing three colour palettes: yellow, purple and pink. You would expect more ochre, orangey shades this time of the year, but since days are shorter and light begins to fade, we chose vibrant colours to make our home brighter. Of course, you can mix and match colours, but I love monochrome bouquets.

When buying flowers to make our own bouquets we choose three kinds of flowers: the one with the leading role, two or three with a minor role and the extras. This is like a theater piece! You need a star, but you also need a supporting actor that can make the star shine and a few extras to add life to the general picture. Usually we choose a seasonal flower to be the star. In this case we have chosen a rare type of yellow roses, ornamental kale crane, hydrangeas and small carnations. We know dahlias are so in season right now, but I have to admit that they are not my favourite.

Our supporting roles go for yellow freesias, pink hypericum, yellow craspedia and purple speedwell. The extras are a bunch of green and yellow wild herbs that we found for a ridiculous price and some rosemary we had left in the kitchen.

Bouquet_7 Bouquet_10 Bouquet_9

The first arrangement is clearly Autumnal inspired and it will dominate our living room this week. To prepare it we started by grouping the ornamental kale crane and the yellow roses in our hands. Then we inserted a few craspedia to fill in the gaps, making them a little bit taller than the roses and the kale crane, so that the arrangement had different heights. Afterwards, we added a few freesias in the outer area to give the bouquet more texture. Finally we added the yellow and green herbs to the base of the arrangement.

The result is stunning and very, very big! But since to extend the life of our arrangement we will recut about a quarter of an inch off the stems  every day, it doesn’t matter if right now it’s too big.  And talking about extending the life of your flowers: change the water (not just top off) every other day.

Bouquet_11 Bouquet_13 Bouquet_12

The second arrangement has to be my favourite. Hydrangeas are absolutely gorgeous, you really don’t need anything else to make a stunning bouquet, and since they require a lot of water they do better alone. So a bunch of hydrangeas is all you need to have the most simple, rustic, beautiful arrangement. Large blossoms give you lots of impact! Besides, you can let them dry which also makes beautiful Autumnal decor. However, we added a few speedwells for a fun touch. Place the bouquet in a simple white jar and you will have the cutest arrangement for the kitchen.

Bouquet_15 Bouquet_14 Bouquet_16

And finally a few small arrangements that can make any room prettier or that you can use together to liven up your table setting for an informal lunch or dinner. Here we used small pink carnations, pink hypericum and rosemary. This has to be the easiest one: just cut the stems so that you have two heights: carnations and rosemary stand out and the pink hypericum stays at the base. We used a little bit of string to decorate our tiny bottles and achieve a rustic effect. Herbs are a lovely touch for this kind of small arrangements.


Just a few more tips for your homemade arrangements:
– Aside from wilted petals and dry leaves, an easy way to determine a bouquet’s freshness is to look at the bottom of the stems. You should see white and green fibers in the center, any brown or mushiness means the flowers have been sitting in stale water for a few days.
– Opting for flowers that haven’t bloomed means you’ll be able to enjoy them for longer, however there are flowers, such as peonies, which might not bloom.
– Strip stems of any leaves that would otherwise be standing in water.
– Place the brightest flower in the center to create a focal point.
– Flowers will look fresher longer if they’re kept off heating or cooling units, which give off heat that wilts them. Also keep them out of direct sunlight and away from hot or cold drafts.


Funghi porcini cream with thyme and mascarpone

It’s been raining, I’ve finally got to wear the blazer I bought in London a few months back, we are heading to IKEA this weekend to buy candles in bulk and there are already Christmas treats in the supermarket. That means it’s Autumn. Another unequivocal seasonal sign is the need for creams, soups and comfort food in general. Oh, and mushrooms. It’s mushroom season and we can’t be happier.

Funghi Porcini Cream_4

Last weekend we prepared this hearty funghi porcini cream with thyme and mascarpone, which is basically all you will need for embracing Autumn with open arms. It’s fulfilling, delicious, easy to prepare and a take on a good old Jamie Oliver’s recipe. In Autumn we all go back to basics, don’t we?

You will need (serves 2):

A handful of dried porcini
Extra virgin olive oil
300 g mixed fresh wild mushrooms
1 clove of garlic, peeled and finely sliced
1 red onion, peeled and finely chopped
A knob of butter
A handful of fresh thyme, leaves picked
Black pepper
1 liter chicken or vegetable stock
A handful of fresh parsley, leaves picked and chopped
2 tablespoons mascarpone cheese
Grilled crostini

Funghi Porcini Cream_2

First place the porcini in a bowl and add boiling water to cover them.

Get a large pan and over medium to high heat add a couple of lugs of olive oil and the fresh mushrooms. Stir for a minute and add the garlic, onion, butter and thyme.

While that cooks, drain the porcini. Some people use the water of the porcini to cook, but we don’t like it because of its really strong earthy flavor. Too much for us!

Now add most of the drained porcini to the pan. Make sure you reserve just a few to sauté afterwards.

Funghi Porcini Cream_5
Add the stock to the pan, bring to the boil and simmer for 20- 25 minutes. After that, remove half the broth from the pan and purée your mushrooms while adding the broth back gradually until you have the texture you prefer. Sprinkle the chopped parsley and stir well.

Before serving, sauté the few porcini you reserved before. Heat a large saucepan and add a splash of extra virgin olive oil. When the oil is hot, add your porcini. Season to taste (we like to use fresh parsley and black pepper) and cook them over low heat for about five minutes.

Funghi Porcini Cream_6
To serve, sprinkle your sauté mushrooms over the cream, add a tablespoon of mascarpone, grilled crostini and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil.

And that’s Autumn in a bowl. Now put on your old, comfy socks, crawl up in the sofa, light some IKEA candles (or Jo Malone if you are feeling fancier), put on your favourite film or TV show and enjoy your bowl of cream goodness. That’s the best plan for a rainy, Autumn night, isn’t it?

Funghi Porcini Cream_3

PS: If you love mushrooms, try this recipe too.

A walk in Norrebro

Everytime we go back to Copenhagen we discover something new. As chiclé as it sounds, there are so many beautiful charming little streets to discover. During our last visit to the happiest city in the world we spent a fair amount of time walking and discovering the most delightfully cool side streets, due in part to the amazing weather we were lucky to enjoy.  One day, armed with comfy sneakers and wrapped in our coats we headed to Norrebro, where we found the hippest street of Copenhagen.


Norrebro is quite a big area and even though some guides say that it’s not walking distance from the city center, we did walk from Indre By, the central area where we were staying, to Norrebro. The truth is that walking in Copenhagen is a pleasure: the sweet colours of the façades, the beautiful architecture and the wonderful people watching make any walk truly entertaining. Just beware of the cyclists, the real queens and kings of the city! After a nice cup of coffee in Toverhallerne Market, we walked along Norrebrogade where we found a surprisingly multicultural atmosphere. Sari shops, Mexican restaurants, people of every race and nationality… The area shows a remarkably different character to other neighbourhoods in Copenhagen.

Norrebro_CPH_1 Norrebro_CPH_2
Once we got to the Assistens Kirkegard Cemetery we turn left to enjoy the peace and quiet of this green space which was full of mums with kids, people walking dogs and other happy family images that you certainly won’t see in a Mediterranean cemetery, so different from the ones you can find in the North of Europe. The green avenues were slowly turning ochre for the new season so we really enjoyed the walk.

Norrebro_CPH_5 Norrebro_CPH_7
We left this singular graveyard behind and headed to Jaegersborggade, a small residential street that has become one of the most fashionable places to see and be seen in Copenhagen. This quiet street hosts exquisite shops, art galleries, cafes and restaurants. The buildings have the characteristic symmetry and colours of Copenhagen and here you can find the most stylish locals buying cacti, organic produce and sipping freshly roasted coffee.

Norrebro_CPH_6 Norrebro_CPH_8
Some of the most famous foodie addresses of Copenhagen are here to be found: the Michelin-starred restaurant Relæ, the famous Coffee Collective, the trendy porridge cafe Grod, or Istid, where you can try fresh organic ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.

Norrebro_CPH_4 Norrebro_CPH_9
After a stroll along this inspirational and aspirational street which looks right of a cool Pinterest board, we made our way to the city center again, walking along Horsholmsgade and crossing the beautiful lakes.

Even though this area might not be found in your average Copenhagen guide, it truly deserves a visit. It’s different but it has that peaceful, pastel coloured, imperfect, perfect charm that makes Copenhagen, Copenhagen.

Chickpea curry

After two posts dedicated to resolutions for the new season, we are ready to jump into Autumn like a child jumps into a puddle. And this recipe is perfect for that. It’s ridiculously easy, it’s light but comforting and, well, even its colours scream Autumn.

Chickpea curry_4
This chickpea curry is going to be our go-to for those days when we want something naughty after a long day in the office followed by a gym session… but we still want our dinner to be good for us. We talked about this kind of dinners in our meal prep 101 post last week, go have a look if you don’t have read it already.  In 30 minutes you’ll have an amazingly delicious dinner and, if you double the amount of ingredients, you can freeze a couple of bowls for busy days or lunches at work.

Chickpea curry_2
You’ll need (serves 2):
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 red onion, finely sliced
1 1/2 tbsp grated ginger
3 garlic cloves, crushed
1 tbsp water + 200 ml water
400 g can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
100 g frozen peas
1 tsp turmeric
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp garam gasala
1 tsp ground cumin
400 g can chopped tomatoes
To serve:
2 tbsp natural yoghurt
2 tbsp flaked almonds
Fresh cilantro

Chickpea curry_5
Heat the extra virgin olive oil in a pan on a medium heat, throw in the onion and cook for a few minutes until soft. Add the ginger, garlic and the tablespoon of water stir well. Keep stirring and cooking for two minutes.
Throw in the chickpeas, peas, turmeric, cayenne, garam masala, cumin and tomatoes with the 200 ml water, mix well and cook for 30 minutes on medium to low heat.

Chickpea curry_1
To serve, add the yogurt and almonds. If you like cilantro (we know it can be an acquired taste) you can sprinkle some fresh cilantro for that zingy touch. This chickpea curry it’s delightfully creamy and the epitome of healthy comfort food. So put on something cosy, jump into the sofa, put your favourite tv show on (we are loving Glow right now) and enjoy a bowl of this amazing vegan curry!

Just one tip: if you are going to freeze this recipe because you are turning into the queen of meal prep, don’t add the yogurt and flake almonds before freezing!

Chickpea curry_3
Recipe adapted from this cookbook.

Back to the gym. How to.

If last week we spoke about improving our cooking and eating habits because we are in September hence we are all about new resolutions, this week we have to speak about going back to the gym. Of course. There are two types of resolutions: food related and fitness related, right? In fact we did went back to the gym last August, or more accurately we changed gyms. We were so eager to have our new resolutions up and running that we started in August. Wow.

We now go to a fancy schmancy gym and we have a trainer and we kind of like it. But I still go to the gym with the oldest t-shirt and the most unflattering pants you will ever see because I might go to the gym twice a week and maybe, just maybe, I might enjoy it but there are things that aren’t going to change and me wearing the ugliest, comfiest clothes to the gym is one of them. So, how did I get motivated? Obviously the buy cute gym clothes argument doesn’t work for me.

Well, it was the money. As simple and materialistic as that. Until now I always went for the cheapest option. Those gym chains that offer classes with online instructors and frequented by a very young public who wears neon as if their lives depend on it. Plus there is the Amnesia Ibiza appropriate soundtrack, which, let’s be honest, I’m too old for. Since I hate sports, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on them. What was the point?

Well I was wrong! You have to spend money to have a better experience and reduce the hate. My fitness journey has been… well, challenging. From spinning to yoga, which I still love, without forgetting the Kayla Itsines BBG, which I still have nightmares with, I’ve tried almost everything. But I didn’t want to invest my money on it. And let me tell you, having a nice trainer who understands nutrition and thyroid problems and who prepares excercises for you that suit your (nonexistent) fitness level is life changing. So here’s my advice to my fellow couch potatoes: invest a little bit and you will be slightly excited for your gym sessions. And I say slightly because I’m still pro Netflix and chill over working out anytime. Instead of cute leggings and marble printed tops, spend your money on a fitness proffesional. Besides, once the invoice hits your bank account, you will have an extra of motivation. If only because you will sweat just by seeing the bill. But it will be worth it. I promise. That rumour about feeling better after a good gym session happens to be a real thing! Which of course I didn’t believe it until now. Am I turning into that person I used to hate who looks forward to working out? I don’t know but I’m trying Pilates this evening.


Meal prep for beginners

Everyone knows September is the real new year. Maybe it’s the child in us that never ceases to get excited / slightly depressed before going back to school and the new beginnings that September implies. In any case, we feel excited /slightly depressed about the new season. Our main resolution this year is keeping our meal prep game strong because our days are going to be packed this Autumn and who doesn’t hate that moment when you open the fridge every night and think: what can we eat? Since we’ve been meal prepping during years we thought about sharing our main tips in case you want to get your fridge and pantry organized and enjoy delicious meals every day.


Get started:

Choose about twenty recipes that you have already prepared and liked. It’s the moment to go back to your favourite cookbooks or food blogs! Leave new recipes for lazy Sundays, when it comes to meal prep you want things that you know you like. Try to choose recipes that are based on seasonal produce, this way, shopping will be easier and the food will be tastier.

Organization is key:

Write a weekly calendar and start choosing among those recipes your lunches and dinners for the week. Bear in mind which ingredients you will need so that you can make the most of them. For instance, if we prepare a cauliflower rice on Monday and we know we will be having half cauliflower to spare, we would choose a cauliflower wok for another mid week lunch or a cauliflower pizza for one of the following nights.

List yor ingredients before going to the supermarket. If you are a beginner, make two lists: one with the basics and non perishables that you will always need like spices, rice, pasta, oils or canned good and another list including the fresh ingredients you will need for the week. Once you get the hang of this, you will add to that second weekly list some of those basics and non perishables when you need to replace them. And don’t forget to replace them! A well-stocked pantry will help you in the long term!


Buy what you need:

Divide your weekly grocery shopping in two days. The point of meal prepping is eating better and, for us, that includes lots of fresh produce. That’s why we recommend shopping two times a week, so that ingredients are always fresh and you avoid spoiled food in your fridge or pantry. For us, it’s usually Friday and Wednesday. On Friday we choose our menu for the upcoming week and then we buy the main ingredients for all the meals that we can prep during the weekend. Normally we cook during the weekend and sort everything out until Wednesday. Then, on Wednesday we buy the fruits and vegetables that we will need for the rest of the week until Friday night and cook accordingly.  Choose a schedule that works for you!

Beef and Bacon Stew_1

Let’s prep!

Freeze. Even though nothing beats a good freshly made meal, if you work full time, try to work out, attend classes and have a busy life (I can’t imagine what having kids would add to that schedule!) try to prepare a few meals during the weekend to freeze, so that you just have to come back home, put on your pjs, take your lunch box out of the freezer… and your meal for the next day would be ready! Please bear in mind that you can’t freeze already frozen produce, so buy your proteins fresh, cook them and then freeze them. Some of our favourite recipes to freeze are this beef and bacon stew  or this chicken stir fry .

Another great idea is cooking food that lasts well in the fridge, like this slow roasted pork shoulder, which will sort out lots of meals for you! It makes a killer leftover sandwich, for instance. Think about veggie creams and soups that you can prepare in bulk during the weekend and freeze too.


On a daily basis:

Make dinners easy. We prefer freezing our lunches al desko and prepare our dinners on the day. However, we choose the easiest recipes with just a bunch ingredients for our dinners. While we always choose veggies and protein lunches, very healthy and very adult appropriate, we love our dinners fun and kind of naughty, but still healthy. It’s our way of rewarding ourselves after a long day. However, we do prepare our “fast food”, so that it has the best ingredients that are actually good for us. Some examples are this red cabbage saladthese quesadillas, these salmon and egg wraps, these spicy chicken burgers or the easiest hummus. Our tip then would be: choose delicious, fun, quick recipes for your week dinners.


Little extras:

Prepare some snacks and extras to cheer up your week. Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar or a greasy bag of crisps from the vending machine, bake your own treats and take them with you. It will be better for your health. We tend to bake one of these recipes on Sundays, so our coffee breaks at work during the week are more interesting: coconut and chocolate bars, spicy roasted chickpeas, almond bites or rasperry and pistacchio brownies.

And repeat! Try to stick to the schedule and you will soon notice the benefits of meal prepping. On the one hand, your life will be easier and more organized and, on the other hand, your health will thank you. It’s a win-win!


Harbour coffee

Even though we enjoy terrible weather during the whole year, the start of this new seasons makes us longing for proper cold mornings and rainy afternoons in little cafés. Cue Harbour Coffee.

Harbour Coffee_6

The older we get, the more we love coffee. And since we live in one of the European capitals of coffee (Did you know that decaf coffee was invented in Bremen?) you might think we’ve drunk the most amazing coffee during the past six years. But the truth is that we’ve suffered terrible cups of dirty water called coffee. However, there’s a new and improved food and coffee scene in Bremen and one of our favourite new places is this tiny cafe, Harbour coffee.

Harbour Coffee_7

Harbour Coffee_3
Located in a side street where you can find lots of interior design shops (a stop in HAY after coffee is a must), this black and white, minimal, maritime inspired, cute cafe has been a surprise for all of us who love a great cup of coffee. The flat white is the best in town and the latte macchiato, a German favourite, feels like a warm socks after a rainy day out. They also serve fantastic cinnamon buns with sweet cheese frosting, flaky croissants and bio ice cream. This is the cool area of Bremen, so of course there has to be a “bio” somewhere. Cool Germans live for their “bio” produce/living/I swear I’ve seen “bio” bikes.

Harbour Coffee_8 Harbour Coffee_10 Harbour Coffee_4
But we have to admit that they had us at horchata. Yes, they serve horchata too! Our childhood Summer drink of choice is now available in cold, wet, windy Bremen. You won’t see us horchata in hand in the next months, but we sure will be looking for shelter in this pretty cafe this Autumn!

Harbour Coffee_2 Harbour Coffee_9
And now, excuse us, we are going to grab our second cup of jo of the day…

Everyday jewellery

There are a few things that help me start the day in a better mood: 1. Having a nice breakfast with my other half. Nothing fancy, just fruit, some protein and a good cup of coffee while we check the news online and we speak about our days and whatnot. 2. Doing my makeup. You know that’s my meditation. 3. Choosing a tiny accesory that gives a small but pretty twist to my comfortable, casual look of the day.  4. Bumping into an old man on my way to work who always wishes me good morning with a warm, happy smile. While I will talk about point number 3 today, point number 4 is one of the best things that has happened to me since I moved to Germany. That gentleman is a definitely a highlight of my life in Bremen.

Everyday Jewellery_6

But back to accessories. During my university years I would wear earrings every day, they were my thing. Then I went crazy for big, JCrew inspired statement necklaces. And when I moved to Germany I just stopped wearing accessories at all. It was too cold and the scarf, beanie and huge coat didn’t work well with accessories. They made me uncomfortable. And I don’t do uncomfortable.  But during the last couple of years I’ve gotten my accessory mojo back and even though I don’t wear them literally every day (mostly because I forget to put them on in the morning. The same thing happens with perfume) I wear them most days and I enjoy doing so.

I usually wear small, subtle earrings. You can’t go wrong with Monica Vinader and since I got those beautiful rose gold and amazonite pair I’ve been wearing them constantly. They were a very special brithday present.

I also love my minimal and structured AB Handmade Diamond Hoop Gold earrings. They go with everything and I bought them as a result of the first collaboration of the blog, so they are special in their own way.

Everyday Jewellery_5
A couple of years ago we were strolling around Hamburg and we found that lovely dainty combo of silver earrings and ring by COS . It was an improptu purchase that has turned into one of my favourites. In fact, that’s one of the only rings I wear on a daily basis.

But talking about comfortable, small pieces that you can wear even to the gym, those pretty, tiny Oliver Bonas earrings are simply perfect. In fact, Oliver Bonas has a great selection of understated jewellery, check some nice ideas here. They were a souvenir from our amazing Edinburgh getaway last Autumn.

Everyday Jewellery_2

My vanity has a couple of pieces that are not earrings, though now that I’m writing this post it I guess I might be going back in that university earring thing period… Oh well.  At least now they are not made of plastic! We’ve talked about Apodemia before, but we can’t get enough of its beautiful, tasteful pieces. Those bracelets are one of our favourite possesions since we bought them for each other. A year later, in a recent trip to Spain my wife bought me that tiny ring. I love some much that I even instagrammed it. She knew I loved it the fist time we visited the shop so she got it for me. Insert heart eyed emoji.

Everyday Jewellery_3
And lastly, two pieces that mean a lot because both are presents from my mum. The necklace was a surprise. She knew that I liked it and she got it for me one day, just because. It’s from Aristrocrazy, a Spanish brand that was the coolest a couple of years ago. Now it’s just another jewellery brand, but when it came out, it was really innovative.

And finally, my only statement earrings. The ones that I wear when I dress up. I’ve had them for years, seven to be exact. My mum gave them to my for my honeymoon. We were going to the Amalfi Coast and Capri and she thought these earrings were the only accessory I needed. My grandmother bought them in Capri as a present for my mum when she was 17. And my heart explodes every time I think about my nonna choosing these earrings for her daughter.

Everyday Jewellery_4
And that’s my jewellery collection. Small but very special. Mostly presents from the women in my life. Even though I’m tempted to but anything small that shines (there are so many nice pieces out there!) I’m very happy keeping my collection edited, meaningful and, mostly, wearable. Because, who hasn’t been afraid of loosing a very expensive family piece? I know I don’t like to wear those because I get anxious! I prefer to look at those pieces, admire them, listen to the stories that come with them…but wear the most casual ones that tell my story. They still make my days feel special, but they are comfortable, practical and fit in my lifestyle. I’m a sweater and jeans kind of woman that loves to walk to the office so that I can bump into that old man who wishes me good morning with a smile. For me it’s all about the little things… also in the jewellery department!

Sautéed green beans with potatoes and mushrooms

This is a simple recipe. It’s nothing fancy, nothing innovative… just a traditional, easy, good old dish that tastes delicious and goes perfectly with meat and fish mains. The inspiration for this recipe comes from the crazy transitional weather that we are suffering lately and this dish represents those Summer vibes, with the green beans and the young potatoes, but has an Autumn feeling, with the earthy, warm mushroom flavour. In fact, mushroom season is just around the corner and we are excited about it. But before diving into the world of mushroom soups, creams and richer preparations, we used the first mushrooms that we found in the market to prepare this lighter dish, that we like to serve with a grilled sirloin steak for a nice Sunday lunch. Simple but effective.

Sauteed green beans with potatoes and mushrooms_3

You will need:
200 g green beans, ends trimmed
A few small potatoes, peeled and sliced
200 g mushrooms
3 garlic cloves, minced
Extra virgin olive oil
Black pepper
Salt to taste
1/2 teaspoon sweet paprika
1 teaspoon fresh or dried parsley

First, bring a large pot of water to a boil. You can add salt, but we try to avoid it. Add the beans and and the potatoes and cook for 8 minutes.
In the meantime, heat oil in a large saute pan over medium heat. Add the garlic and cook for a couple of minutes. Then, add the sweet paprika and stir well so that it doesn’t get burnt. Immediately after,  add the mushrooms and parsley and sauté for a few minutes.

Sauteed green beans with potatoes and mushrooms_4

Finally add the green beans and potatoes to the pan, carefully stirring every now and then. Season with pepper and cook for 5 to 10 minutes. Serve while it’s still hot.

You can prepare this recipe in a wok to reduce the cooking time but a simple non-stick pan will do as well. This is the kind of recipe that we like to prepare weekly. It’s full of good things for you, it’s fulfilling and you just need half and hour to make it.

Now, who is excited for Autumn produce? We have to admit that we are not ready yet, but we are so looking forward for a nice, hearty mushroom soup! And Brussels sprouts anything!

Sauteed green beans with potatoes and mushrooms_2

PS: Looking for more plant based recipes? Check this Spring vegetables salad, our delicious hummus recipe, this Brussels sprouts salad and the most amazing squash soup with an Asian twist.