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The easiest Winter bouquet

I don’t know about you but I can’t be more tired of this darkness. We wake up and it’s still dark, we leave the office and it’s dark again. This darkness is depressing and, what is more important: we can’t take pictures of anything… DRAMA!

Truth is that we are so, so, tired of Winter already. And we still have a couple of months of cold and darkness ahead. So we have no alternative, we have to make the most of it. For that, we trust in Netflix marathons, candles and good food to cheer us up. However there is one thing that lifts the mood at home instantly: flowers. Every week we buy and play with flowers in order to make our home brighter. I’m not kidding when I say that these colourful bundles are the highlight of our weeks, and the proof is that they are the only thing that makes it to our Instagram feed, (exhibit A, exhibit B) and everyone knows that what we show on Instagram is the best of our lives so…

Winter Bouquet_8

This is the Winter bouquet that is going to make this gloomy, wintery week bearable. We went for a light sage green and white colour palette because we love the combination and because we need light colours to reflect the little bit of light that we get during the day.

We’ve used:
– White roses
– Eucaliptus leaves
– Baby’s breath
– A clear Ikea vase

Winter Bouquet_3

Winter Bouquet_10

In this post you have lots of tips to choose, buy and keep flower bouquets beautiful. In this case, the best tip we can give you is to put the bouquet in warm water, not cold water. These flowers love warm water. And since we chose a clear vase, we stripped stems of any leaves that would otherwise be standing in water and, therefore, make it look turbid.

Winter Bouquet_5 Winter Bouquet_6

The steps to reproduce this bouquet can’t be easier: start by grouping the roses, surround them with the eucalyptus leaves and finally add some touches of baby’s breath. See? Can’t be easier. Just make the eucalyptus leaves and baby’s breath a little bit taller than the roses to create different heights, which always makes bouquets look bigger.

Winter Bouquet_11 Winter Bouquet_4 Winter Bouquet_7
And voilà! In less than ten minutes you will have a gorgeous bouquet that will help you overcome the Winter blues. It works like a charm! You know, joy can be found in the little things…


  1. How different winter is in Spain, I can even imagine this kind of season… My carnations are blossoming in my terrace and I almost can feel spring coming… I sometimes miss this kind of winter feeling but then I remember that winter would be long and dark and I absolutely prefer to spend just a weekend in the mountains! By the way I reread your previous post about buquets and I’arranging my carnations as you said.
    Ánimos y abrazos que el invierno no dura siempre!

  2. Trinity says

    I love the way you incorporate the eucalyptus leaves. Minimal and beautiful!

    • I love that gorgeous light faded green colour. We call it Copenhagen green because there are lots of façades in Copenagen with that colour :)

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