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Festive makeup

After a whole day packing, which we both hate, we are about to head home for Christmas. That means we are going to meet our families and friends which we haven’t seen for what it feels like ages. That also means that we will be going out more than usual, which isn’t difficult because we usually go to bed at 10pm. And for me, that also means that I have more opportunities to wear makeup. Yay!

You already know that I love makeup so any occasion to rock a red lip is welcome… but only if I can be in my bed by 10pm. So Christmas is perfect because you basically can wear the most insane red lip all day every day without anyone saying: uuuhhh, red lips… what are you celebrating? To which I usually answer: Life, you moron! But during the holidays if anyone remarks that I’m wearing red lipstick (in case I forgot the ten minutes I spent perfecting my lip liner, I guess) I can answer: Christmas! (You moron!)

So today I will share with you, makeup fanatics and other kinds of people that for whatever reason are reading this, the face I will be wearing everyday until January 6th. We celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men so for us Christmas lasts until January 6th. and we eat roscón de reyes which is one of the best things that Spain has given to the world.

The idea for my festive makeup is: flawless but natural complexion with the tiniest bit of bronzer (so that I don’t look like Morticia Adams and I can pretend I have cheekbones) and rosy cheeks (that make me look like I’ve been walking in the snow for ten minutes). Then a discreet but gorgeously happy eye with just a wash of the most beautiful eyeshadow that has ever existed and lots of mascara to make my eyes look big even though they are the tiniest eyes ever. And finally a juicy red lip that doesn’t go all over my face.  Sounds lovely, huh?

Festive Makeup_2

This is what I use:

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: the perfect amount of coverage to get a nice, natural complexion. You know, the kind that makes you look alive the morning after chatting all night with your best friends while drinking some cocktails.

Clarins Instant concealer: great to hide the spots that embellish your chin after having eaten your weight in turrón and polvorones (the best legacy of the Arab Islamic conquest in Spain and the best part of Christmas in Spain).

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow: like I’ve said before, a discreet amount of bronze in the right places makes me pretend I have something similar to cheekbones. And the glow makes my skin look like I haven’t a serious Vitamin D deficiency.

Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek colour: a dash of this peachy pink shade will make you look fifteen minutes younger. And this is great when you bump into your high school archenemy in the grocery store just when your mum starts saying: stop buying turrón, you are fatter every year!!! Then you will trust in your young, fresh, healthy makeup, do your best hair flip and try to leave with dignity.

Dior Cosmopolite Eyeshadow: the most beautiful eyeshadow in human history. And maybe that’s an understatement. A light wash of colour is enough. It looks bronze and gold (or maybe rose gold? Gasp!), gorgeous, subtle but yet sparkly. It will make you feel the queen of the party even though you actually are the biggest loser at the aforementioned party. No one needs to know and this eyeshadows has your back. You will sparkle…  but with elegance and refinement because it’s Dior. Although no one will notice because generally no one notices you. But you know and that’s enough. This eyeshadow will give you confidence.

Festive Makeup_3

Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara: your best friend if you need to look awake and you want your eyes to look bigger. Besides it smudges a little bit if you cry so it will stop you from crying every time you meet or say goodbye to a friend or family member. Because it will ruin your makeup and we do not want that! Your vanity is important, remember. In this case the smudge factor is positive because it will keep you from unashamedly sharing your feelings and cry while you say to your friends and family that you miss them. It will help you become a sophisticated, cool relative and/or friend.

Rouge Dior and Dior Contour in Sophisticated Matte: the winning combination if you want juicy but matte red lips. I apply the lipstick first and then the lip liner to avoid the terrible Mona ‘Hatchet-Face’ Malnorowski in Cry Baby effect. This colour is perfect to frame your biggest, most sincere smile, that smile that appears in your face when you see your family and friends after months without hugging them. Red lipstick and that feeling… oh, the best things of Christmas!

PS: I’m joking, turrón and roscón de reyes are the best things of Christmas.

PD2:  #nevernoteating!


  1. Lee Ann says

    I confess that make-up is not so much fun for me, as I’m not coordinated enough to use it (especially mascara!). Thank goodness for lash tinting! But … thanks to this post, I have a new cookie to bake … polvorones! I found a recipe, and I’ll be trying that for the New Year … just after I finish all the Christmas cookies I baked! Happy Christmas, and enjoy your time with family and friends!

    • Hi! Sorry for answering so late! We are in Spain and our family and friends take all our time! Have you already tried polvorones? They are so yummy! Oh, and please tell me more about lash tinting!

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