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Capsule wardrobe: one month, one piece. An update

Since the year is coming to an end, I wanted to share an honest update on my capsule wardrobe and the resolution I made in January about buying no more than one piece for my wardrobe each month. Last time we spoke about this it was May and things were going pretty great. You can read the post here if you want to know why I wanted to edit my wardrobe and shop more consciously.

Capsule Wardrobe Update_2

In May I did buy something. A pair of Mango trousers. But it was a bad purchase. It was so warm when we visited Madrid and we were going to Ibiza afterwards (by the way, we made a slow-paced weekend guide to Ibiza if you want to have a look!)  and I just wanted some kind of flowy, comfortable pants. So one afternoon, walking around town with my mum, I made that impromptu purchase. The pants are nice and I like them, they were a fun way of incorporating the ruffle pant trend in a subtle way. But in spite of being super comfortable and having a great light fabric that was perfect for Summer, they didn’t fit very well and didn’t flatter my silhouette. AT ALL. So I just wore them with the one sweater that looked good with them.  In short: I betrayed my resolution about versatile pieces. Do I regret this purchase? Yes.

Capsule Wardrobe Update_6

Then June came and with it came the sales. We happened to visit London during the sales and I bought a JCrew blazer and a JCrew basic grey sweater. Actually I had been looking for that exact blazer for a long time so the sales were the perfect time to buy it. That was supposed to be my only purchase and it was a bargain, being 40% off. You can find the link here if you want to buy it or add it to your wishlist. It’s great for work but I also love wearing it with jeans and the grey Adidas Gazelle I bought in January. But then I saw the grey sweater (also reduced) and, as you read in this post, grey is my jam. Sadly my beloved COS grey sweater that I used to wear every other day suffered an accident inside the washing machine and died. So this purchase was more a “substitution purchase” kind of thing. A basic grey jumper is to my wardrobe what extra virgin olive oil is to my kitchen, (imperative, indispensable, vital) so I took it home with me. Do I regret those purchases? Nope. Great quality, versatility and reduced price. Great buy, if you ask me.

Capsule Wardrobe Update_4

Two purchases in one month… not that bad, huh? I’ve been wearing both pieces a lot and I know I can wear them until they tear apart. Oh but then we came back to Bremen and a new sneaker shop had opened and we made the mistake of paying a visit and well, I was weak and I didn’t need any pair of sneakers but I really wanted some navy sneakers and… BUM. This navy New Balance with copper accents had to be mine. I think that the fact that they are navy with copper accents, I insist, should be excuse enough. But yeah, I betrayed myself, I threw my plan out of the window… but oh, well. Do I regret the purchase? No. Did I mention that they are navy with copper accents? And sneakers are my weakness. I embrace it and accept it.

Capsule Wardrobe Update_3

And speaking about sneakers… In July my good old Stan Smiths were so disgusting and had so many tiny holes that I decided to substitute them with a new pair. So another “substitution purchase”, I guess. By then, I realized that I had bought three pair of sneakers in seven months and no other type of shoes. So no more sneakers for me. That’s enough. Is there any sneakeraholic anonymous association? I could use a pair of meetings I guess.

Capsule Wardrobe Update_2

So as you can see my one month, one piece policy was not going well. Oh but have faith in me! I could do much worse! And I did, of course: in July I also bought that pink flowery skirt in Mango and those two T-shirts in & Other stories, that you’ve already seen here. To be honest, I had a long skirt and a t-Shirt with some kind of embroidery in my Summer wish list so those two purchases were well planned. I didn’t want to spend much money because we have ten days of Summer per year so I prefer to invest on good knits and coats and leave the high street bargains for Summery pieces. The navy T-shirt was unexpected, though. But it was so pretty and soft. I added to the cart, what can I say?

I have to admit that I was very happy with all the July buys. I wore the skirt with both T-shirts the whole (10 days of) Summer and I even wore it with a chambray shirt for work several times. Both T-shirts were well loved and I can’t wait for next Summer to wear them again. As you can see on the pictures the Stan Smiths have been going out a lot and have already lost that bright white newness. And the skirt got many compliments, so I was happy although I felt a tad guilty for betraying my rule. Again.

Capsule Wardrobe Update_5

However, the two following months, August and September, I didn’t buy a single thing. I just didn’t need anything. No shopping urges, no fashion inspiration. Nada. I wore my basics again and again, as usual. And beware that at the end of September we travelled to Copenhagen! And that’s normally dangerous! Well, technically I didn’t buy anything in September but I did buy two pair of jeans in October during that same trip. I know I’m late to the party but I discovered the incredibly comfortable Jamie jeans in Topshop and I took two pairs home with me: a pair in dark blue wash and a pair in black.  There’s no picture of those jeans because you’ve already seen a pair of plain basic skinny jeans before, haven’t you?

Anyway, how can skinny jeans be so similar to pyjama pants??? You have to know that I only wear skinny high waisted jeans. And I wear them every day, they are an essential part of my uniform. In that trip I tried almost 20 pairs of jeans in &Other Stories, but the cool ones: mum jeans, straight jeans, cropped jeans, girlfriend jeans… you name it. And they all looked terrible on me. So even if I try to be fashion-forward, I can’t. My thighs won’t allow it. But I’ve been wearing those Jamie jeans on a daily basis and I will continue to do so, especially during the holidays because they can easily embrace my food babies. I’m very happy with those jeans and I will repurchase them if I need to.

We are close to the end, bare with me!

November: Again, no purchases. Not one. I had a list of items in my wish list for the Black Friday sales (a Max Mara sweater, a Burberry peacoat, Tods loafers and a Samsoe & Samsoe cashmere sweater) but naturally the pieces I wanted weren’t on sale. Obviously. Maybe I have more luck during the Winter sales? We’ll see.

Capsule Wardrobe Update_8

And finally, December: temperatures dropped tremendously and when I came across this turtleneck sweater that is super comfy and cosy and soft I bought it. Since my daily uniform consist in Jamie jeans + huge knit + boots / sneakers if the weather allows it, we can all agree that it fits in my wardrobe. I already have a similar number but I’ve been wearing it so much that it looks sad, so again we can say that it’s a substitution purchase.  Maybe I’ll donate the old one to leave space for this new one. By the way, & Other Stories knits are fantastic, a great value for money.

And that’s it. Maybe if we calculate the average I didn’t fail so spectacularly. But, let’s be honest, the rule was so strict that it was unrealistic. At least for me. However, buying less has made me more selective and I really like the planning and the mix matching with the pieces I already own. The truth is that my lifestyle is simple and I have plenty of clothes to wear, so I really don’t need to shop that much. I rarely go out at night,  I have my special occasion dress (which I use twice a year if I’m lucky) and since I dress to feel comfortable and to survive this terrible German weather buying sophisticated clothes would be a nonsense. Sometimes I don’t see more than two people at work and this city is the kingdom of “are you going to the mountains? oh no these are just my clothes”  so I really don’t bother that much. However, sometimes I miss the thrill of wearing fancy clothes for the first time and I hate my monochrome, boring wardrobe. But then I try to dress up a little bit and I get pooped by a raven on my way to work, the wind breaks my umbrella and I get to wherever I’m going soaking wet, the tram breaks and I have to walk and therefore I get a cold because I’m not wearing big socks or boots… So in the battle between weather conditions / general calamities and fashion, weather conditions / general calamities always win. And I guess I dress for that! Besides, if you look at my Pinterest boards, everything is monochrome, boring and comfortable. And that’s how I like it!



  1. findmoremeaning says

    I love this post! I’m doing something similar are trying to not buy any clothes for a full year. I decided to start in October so I’ve been going for three months, and so far so good, but I have almost fallen off the wagon a few times. Even becoming a more conscious shopper is a plus for a lofty goal like this! Congrats!

    • I can tell you right now that I wouldn’t be able to resist a whole year without buying clothes! However, I do believe that a capsule wardrobe makes everything easier and more stylish. Let’s see how things go in 2018… I’m going to try to edit my wardrobe even more. Less shopping, more quality. That’s going to be my motto!

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