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Christmas cards 2017

They are here! Our Christmas Cards 2017 ! Ok, let’s not get carried away by enthusiasm because this year there’s no DIY. Even though we managed to create our very own Christmas crown, this year we simply didn’t find the time to DIY our Christmas cards. Why? Because #life.

Christmas Cards 2018_3

While we wanted to show you a Pinterest worthy DIY, we didn’t have time to prepare it. The truth is that as much as we plan things, sometimes we can’t do it all. I felt really bad because it’s something I love to do and, after 16 years together, I believe I have infected my wife with my histrionic Christmas spirit, but this year I couldn’t make it. Long hours at the office, a nightmare that involves a marathon through German bureaucracy pretty similar to The twelve tasks of Asterix and our firm commitment to our fitness routine made it impossible. Well, all that and the last two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. We procrastinate too, that’s the truth. We are humans and we are addicted to too many TV shows. What can we say?

Christmas Cards 2018_5

Honestly, I almost gave up and didn’t send the Christmas cards this year. I thought that if they weren’t cute, original and made by us, they wouldn’t be worth it. But then I remembered the postman in the tiny, tiny, tiny village where my auntie lives. He always says that ours is the only Christmas card that he delivers every year and gets super excited about it. He calls my auntie and announces the arrival of the only Christmas card that the village receives. He blames technology and Whatsapp. And that got me thinking about those annoying Christmas greetings via social media and then I thought about the people we love receiving and deleting lots of memes and empty online words. And then I imagined our friend’s and family’s homes and our little Christmas Cards next to the Christmas trees or decorations. So I decided that even if this year our cards might not be the best, they still mean something.

Christmas Cards 2018_4

So I run to my favourite craft shop and bought a bunch of fun Christmas cards with golden envelopes to match. Ok, no DIY but I still wanted them to be really pretty. And after one of those long, tiring days, we sat down and  wrote a couple of things, not much, something warm and fun. Because we just wanted to say: hi, we remember you and we wish you a merry Christmas. And sometimes that’s enough. So last Monday I run to the post office and sent the cards. And now we can be happy thinking about our Christmas cards in our friend’s and family’s home. Maybe when they pass next to them they remember us and smile? We hope so! However, I’m not so sure they will love that they are in German and they will have to translate them!

Christmas Cards 2018_1

If you feel like DIYing, here you have our previous Christmas cards: 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

PD: If you like the Christmas cards on the pictures, you can buy them here.


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