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DIY Advent crown

As we told you in our latest post, we are embracing German Advent to the max and one of the most important traditions is advent crowns or wreaths. Each house has its own and every Advent Sunday you are suppose to light one candle.  We love it because it’s a very special way of counting down the days left to visit our families, it’s beautiful and the light of the candles makes our living room extra cosy.

Christmas Advent Crown_1

For the past six years we’ve been buying our Advent crowns because, come the end of November, every vendor at the flowers market starts displaying a wonderful range of Advent crowns, and they are so beautiful that it’s’ difficult to choose one but impossible not to buy one! However, this year we decided to make our very own crown. And I don’t think we will ever buy one again! The process was so fun!

We spent more than an hour choosing the materials in different shops. Since making Advent crowns and wreaths is so popular here, there’s an overwhelming amount of materials to choose. The whole time I was super excited running from one shop to another (it’s Bremen, everything is pretty close, don’t think that I’m athletic), choosing this, no! that! ornament, changing my mind every ten seconds and making my wife miserable. But that’s basically me when it comes to anything Christmas related.

First we chose the colour palette because colour palettes are the beginning of every DIY. Always. It doesn’t matter if it¡s a whole wedding to plan or a small DIY for your kitchen. Choose the colours first. I have a whole Pinterest moodboard to prove it. First we thought about the classic white and red combination, but then we opted for a gorgeous dark green and golden palette. This was the perfect choice for our natural theme and allowed us to have sparkles and glitter because if you don’t have sparkles and glitter during the holidays, when?

Christmas Advent Crown_2 Christmas Advent Crown_19 Christmas Advent Crown_3

We wanted a base that we could use more than once, that’s why we didn’t use a real pine base, which it’s also very difficult to work with. And we want easy. Always. So we found that wood crown that included the bases for the candles and some small branches perfect to tie together the ornaments. We know that next year we can reuse it and change the ornaments and, you guessed it, the colour palette.

Christmas Advent Crown_4 Christmas Advent Crown_5

Then we bought:
8 small Christmas ball ornaments
Fake greenery, with little cute pine cones
Green and golden string to string the Christmas ball ornaments together.
White ribbon with golden stars
Golden ornaments
And, of course, four candles.

Christmas Advent Crown_6

And the fun continued… We put on our favourite Christmas songs and our new Christmas sweaters and started working. Well, this DIY is so very easy that the word work might be an exaggeration.

Christmas Advent Crown_7 Christmas Advent Crown_8 Christmas Advent Crown_9

We arrange the 8 small Christmas ball ornaments with the help of the string first. Make small knots to secure them. If it doesn’t look very nice, don’t worry you can hide fix it later. Then we added the golden ornaments. We grouped some of them together and combined the ones that we had left with the small Christmas ball ornaments. Since they had flexible wire to adjust them it was ridiculously easy.

Christmas Advent Crown_10 Christmas Advent Crown_20 Christmas Advent Crown_11

The third step is where you hide fix the knots you made to secure the other ornaments. Take the greenery and nonchalantly place it to cover the things you don’t want other to see. In this case the small branches around the base where crucial to make the whole process easier. We just wrapped the greenery around the base and attached the ends to the base with tiny knots.

Christmas Advent Crown_14 Christmas Advent Crown_15

Then we made three simple bows with the white and golden ribbon and placed them wherever we felt the crown looked a little empty. One tip for the bows: use a lighter to carefully and lightly burnt the ends of the ribbon. This way you will seal the ribbon and avoid fraying.

Christmas Advent Crown_12 Christmas Advent Crown_13
Christmas Advent Crown_17

Finally we put the candles in their bases and celebrated our Advent crown with hot chocolate! This is by no means a Martha Stewart’s worthy Advent crown, but it sure be warming our home during the next month. We will light the first candle on Sunday, you still have time to create your own!

Christmas Advent Crown_18




    • Have fun!! I’m sure it will turn out very nice! And if it doesn’t… it doesn’t matter! The important thing is that you enjoy the process!

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