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Liquid lipsticks for Autumn

Lipstick is the one piece of makeup that symbolizes aging for me. You can get away with everything else but, lipstick? The bastard ends up all over your face thanks to those little lines around your mouth and makes you look like the joker on a bad day. But at the same time, the older you get, the more you need a little bit of lipstick to cheer up your face.

Autumn Lipsticks_1

In my mind aging is really connected to lipstick. When I was a teenager I was all about eye shadows (and I still am, you just have to see my eye shadow palette collection…) but I wouldn’t care for lipstick that much. I only wanted to match my eye shadow to my clothes (oh, thank God there was no social media back then!) But my nonna, my mum and my great aunt were all about lipstick. My nonna would wear red lipstick every single day, my mum has always been a fan of pink shades and my aunt was a visionary and reached for those warm, sticky nudes before the Kardashians were even born. Sometimes they  would ask me: do you want to try a little bit of this or this lipstick? And I would react all shocked: lipstick? No! I have my green eye shadow and fierce winged eyeliner thank you very much. Just a little bit of clear gloss for me. K, Bye!

In my twenties I shared an apartment with a girl that used to wear unbelievably huge amounts of foundation and mascara but no lipstick at all. And that’s when I realized that if you don’t wear lipstick your face just looks half done and plain beige and boring. So I started using lipstick on a daily basis, being red my shade of choice (that was my nonna’s influence, of course). So as the years went by, my lipstick collection grew. And lately, in a fun conversation with a reader about makeup, we came to the conclusion that it comes a time in your life when without lipstick you look like you’ve just had some kind of stomach bug the night before.

And when my wife stated developing a taste for liquid lipsticks, she became my enabler. As if I needed much convincing when it comes to makeup…  Since then, we have put together a nice collection of liquid lipsticks which we share and treasure joyfully.

Autumn Lipsticks_3

Our collection is growing this Autumn thanks to the gorgeous amount of deep dusty pinks, soft peachy browns and berries that we just can’t stop purchasing. And all of them in liquid format. Why you ask? Because it’s the only texture that my wife stands and because it’s the only lipstick that stays put and doesn’t make me look like Mona ‘Hatchet-Face’ Malnorowski in Cry Baby. If you haven’t seen that film you are probably very young and you are missing out.

These are our very favorite liquid lipsticks this season. All of them look amazing with no- makeup makeup, with deep smoky eyes, with neutral shades, with everything basically. If you have a small budget, the NYX soft matte lip creams are excellent, a great value for money and quite comfortable to wear. We swear by the shades Stockholm, Antwerp and Sao Paolo, but there are 34 shades, so it’s impossible not to find a shade you love.

Autumn Lipsticks_7

Then we have the classic Sephora lip stains. While I adore the bright red of the collection, these two shades, number 5 and 41, are gorgeous, wearable and really longlasting. And talking abou longevity, we are the living proof that every person is different. While liquid lipsticks endure an eternity on my wife’s lips, they don’t last a cup of coffee on me. I basically eat every lipstick I use. So sometimes it’s not the lipstick, it’s you. But in general, the Sephora lip stains are fantastic.

Autumn Lipsticks_4

And talking about longevity, the Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick is bullet proof. And we mean it. Waterproof makeup remover resistant. It’s hardcore. But it looks gorgeous and the applicator is fantastic. So if you apply it carefully and you use an oil based makeup remover, you’ll be fine. This shade is called Voyager and it’s a berry stravaganza!

Autumn Lipsticks_6

Autumn Lipsticks_5

And we’ve saved the best for last our favourites, the best liquid lipsticks in terms of texture, longevity, colour, application… they are little tubes of perfection. And one of them is not matte! The Huda beauty lip strobe in Saucey could be one of our favourite liquid lipsticks ever. It is quite shiny but you can matify it a little bit with a tissue after applying an it will turn your lips into amazing, juicy, soft candy. Depending on the light it looks pink, peach or even a little bit red. It’s simply gorgeous, it feels like velvet and the applicator is THE BEST to avoid the aforementioned Mona ‘Hatchet-Face’ Malnorowski in Cry Baby effect.

And finally Kate von D’s Doble dare: the most sophisticated longlasting liquid lipstick in a subdued peachy pink shade. It’s the perfect your lips but better shade. It was an impromtu purchase in Copenhagen and it’s become one of our favourites. Everytime I wear it I think about Kate Winslet, I don’t know why. It seems a shade she would wear and enjoy. Classic, subtle and natural.

So here you have our recommendations for luscious, gorgeous lips this Autumn in spite of your age. Because one of the biggest joys of life is changing, growing and trying new makeup things! Besides, every wise woman knows that a little bit of lipstick can make you feel much, much better. I guess that’s why my nonna always wore red lipstick…


  1. Trinity says

    I laughed when I saw your reference to our exchange this spring about looking horrid without lipstick as we get a bit older. I come from a long line of ladies who never left or leave the house without lipstick, and neither do I. We used to joke that my grandmother probably ate a pound of lipstick each year! I still remember with fondness watching her apply it, blot it, and the little satisfied smile she’d get admiring her handiwork in the mirror. I may give a liquid lipstick another try, it’s been a while because they tend to be drying on me. Perhaps I’ll start with the Nyx so it’s a small investment.

    • Hehehe! A little bit of lipstick makes every face prettier! My grandma would do the same! Try the NYX ones because they are quite comfortable and the price is ridiculous and if you feel spendy, go for the Huda Beauty range. They are amazing!!!

  2. Julia Gerdes says

    Hi girls, this is my first comment and I’ve had quite a lot of tinto 😬but I would still like to thank you for your great contents! I enjoy reading all your articles.The funny thing is that I was so desperate about all my lipsticks so far because none of them, not even YSL or Chanel lasted.Most recently I discovered – totally by chance- THE one which I can without no hesitation call bullet proof as well (nice term of yours in that context):
    Tadaaaaaaa it’s a ridiculously cheap one from Germany, from the drugstore chain “Rossmann”:
    It’s “Stay 4 ever lip gloss 24h RdeL young” it consists of two steps and works true miracles,I swear!
    It costs less than 3(!)€ and lasts really 24h even if you eat, drink, sweat, shower, make love or whatever.
    I rarely ever buy cheap stuff because I don’t trust it. But you should also give it a try.
    Have a great week!
    I say hello from Cologne

    • Thank you Julia!!! First of all thanks for taking the time and tinto-inspired courage to comment!! :) I can assure you that this afternoon I’m going to Rossmann and I will buy that lipstick! 3 € deserve at least a try! I’ll keep you posted!
      Thanks for the tip!

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