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A walk in Vesterbro

We shared our thoughts about Vesterbro, the hippest area of Copenhagen, a couple of years ago after our first visit. Last month, during our latest stay in Copenhagen, we came back and revisit this cool district and discover new favourites. Vesterbro is full of cafes and restaurants that are a magnet for those in search of the perfect Instagram snap, but it also oozes local authenticity.

A walk in Vesterbro_1
Vesterbro is a strange mixture. One the one side you have those typical bad neighbourhood vibes, even more the further you walk away from the city center, but on the other side you can visit some of the most cosmopolitan spots in Copenhagen. One of them is Værnedamsvej, a narrow side street that hosts cool shops like Aesop or Samsoe & Samsoe (check their cashmere sweaters!), boutique bakeries, wine shops and one of the most famous cafés in Copenhagen: Granola. Of course this was our first stop. A nice cup of coffee warmed our hands on that beautiful, crisp Autumn day. The vintage atmosphere is beautiful, the gorgeous light and intellectual clientele makes it a place to see and be seen.

A walk in Vesterbro_4

A walk in Vesterbro_5 A walk in Vesterbro_8 A walk in Vesterbro_10

Granola’s breakfast are very famous and one of their avocado toasts could be the perfect start to explore the side streets of Vesterbro, always packed of surprises.  With a full stomach, you can walk along Vesterbrogade and soak up the atmosphere of the neighbourhood.

A walk in Vesterbro_9 A walk in Vesterbro_2


A walk in Vesterbro_13 A walk in Vesterbro_14

A walk in Vesterbro_16

Before you get to Frederiksberg, turn left and head to the Boulevards. This quiet, residential area is perfect for Autumn walks and invites nice conversations and a little bit of daydreaming. You can find gorgeous families enjoying the sunshine, little cafés in the intersections and small design businesses. The majestic buildings and beautiful avenue, that somehow reminded us of a relaxed Parisian area, took us to a quite different area, the meatpacking district.

A walk in Vesterbro_19 A walk in Vesterbro_18 A walk in Vesterbro_17 A walk in Vesterbro_20

The white and blue buildings used to be home to Copenhagen’s meat industry businesses, hence the name, and now host lots of street food inspired restaurants. This could be the perfect stop to refuel after the long walk. A delicious organic pizza at Mother or a couple of homemade tacos at Hija de Sánchez are mandatory.

A nice walk has to start with warm, encouraging coffee, it has to be accompanied by mindful conversations and little discoveries and has to end with the best reward: great food.  We can assure you that a walk in Versterbro inevitably ticks all the boxes.



    • Thank you, Silvia! You have to visit Copenhagen… We have lots of places in our bucket list but somehow we keep coming back to Copenhagen!

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