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Gasoline Grill, Copenhagen

This is arguably the best burger we’ve ever had. And we bought it in an old petrol station.

Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_6
During our recent stay in Copenhagen we discovered THE BEST burger place that had been hidden in plain sight the whole time. Every time we visit Copenhagen we choose hotels or rent apartments in the same area, between Nyhavn and Kings Garden. This neighbourhood is fantastic because we can walk to almost every sight, we can have breakfast at Atelier September or dinner at Geist, it’s nice and quiet but still lively… In short, it’s perfect. One day, having lunch at Sticks and Sushi, which happens to be one of our favourites and it’s also located in the area, we spotted a long queue of people waiting to pick up burgers at a tiny burger joint inside an old petrol station. We were shocked. We had seen the place lots of times but we never thought about trying it.  A short google search afterwards and we found out that Gasoline Grill was named one of the best burger joints in the world by US media group Bloomberg.

Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_1
Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_4 Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_3

Guess where we had lunch the following day? We picked up two cheeseburgers, fries and their famous gasoline sauce and run headed home to try them. They have a couple of benches to eat your burger there but since the weather was horrible, our warm, lovely, beautiful Airbnb was a better option. Besides, in the apartment we could eat and lick our fingers and be ugly in peace.

We aren’t going to use pretentious words to describe a burger, so just believe us when we say that this could be the best burger in history. The bun was soft and sweet, the meat juicy and delicious (it’s organic and house ground every day), the sauce was a tad spicy but also had an amazing burnt taste to it… Oh. My. Word. It was unbelievably good. Simple and delicious.

Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_7

Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_10

The fries were also spectacular. Not greasy at all, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside… Perfect. At first we thought that two portions of fries could probably be too much. AHAHAHAHA!!! We would have eaten two more. Each.  Of course.

The menu is tiny, there are only 4 burgers to choose from, but you don’t need more really. We were curious about the butter burger, in which a big dollop of butter replaces the cheese. But, well, next time.

Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_9 Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_11

Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_5

They open every day at 11 until they sold out, so if you happen to visit Copenhagen don’t miss the best burger you’ll ever have!


  1. Lee Ann says

    Sometimes there is nothing that soothes the soul … and tummy … like a great burger and crispy fries! We are always on the prowl for the perfect burger in the perfect place; we may like the burgers in one place, but not the atmosphere. One place may have great fries but the burger buns are too “bready.” One place may not have a great beer to go with the burger. There’s always a reason we can’t find a “10.”

    All that means … we have numerous excuses to keep up the search for the perfect burger and perfect location in one. Thanks for sharing your find!

  2. Same here! Always looking for the best burgers. These ones, I can tell you, were incredibly good. However, this is mostly a take away. Well, at least for us, maybe we are too old to eat our burgers on the street! :)

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