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Back to the gym. How to.

If last week we spoke about improving our cooking and eating habits because we are in September hence we are all about new resolutions, this week we have to speak about going back to the gym. Of course. There are two types of resolutions: food related and fitness related, right? In fact we did went back to the gym last August, or more accurately we changed gyms. We were so eager to have our new resolutions up and running that we started in August. Wow.

We now go to a fancy schmancy gym and we have a trainer and we kind of like it. But I still go to the gym with the oldest t-shirt and the most unflattering pants you will ever see because I might go to the gym twice a week and maybe, just maybe, I might enjoy it but there are things that aren’t going to change and me wearing the ugliest, comfiest clothes to the gym is one of them. So, how did I get motivated? Obviously the buy cute gym clothes argument doesn’t work for me.

Well, it was the money. As simple and materialistic as that. Until now I always went for the cheapest option. Those gym chains that offer classes with online instructors and frequented by a very young public who wears neon as if their lives depend on it. Plus there is the Amnesia Ibiza appropriate soundtrack, which, let’s be honest, I’m too old for. Since I hate sports, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on them. What was the point?

Well I was wrong! You have to spend money to have a better experience and reduce the hate. My fitness journey has been… well, challenging. From spinning to yoga, which I still love, without forgetting the Kayla Itsines BBG, which I still have nightmares with, I’ve tried almost everything. But I didn’t want to invest my money on it. And let me tell you, having a nice trainer who understands nutrition and thyroid problems and who prepares excercises for you that suit your (nonexistent) fitness level is life changing. So here’s my advice to my fellow couch potatoes: invest a little bit and you will be slightly excited for your gym sessions. And I say slightly because I’m still pro Netflix and chill over working out anytime. Instead of cute leggings and marble printed tops, spend your money on a fitness proffesional. Besides, once the invoice hits your bank account, you will have an extra of motivation. If only because you will sweat just by seeing the bill. But it will be worth it. I promise. That rumour about feeling better after a good gym session happens to be a real thing! Which of course I didn’t believe it until now. Am I turning into that person I used to hate who looks forward to working out? I don’t know but I’m trying Pilates this evening.



  1. My husband is going to a very nice gym the kind that have a glass ceiling over the pool and nice towells and I think it really makes the difference… I’m still waititng for a family offer!

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