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Everyday jewellery

There are a few things that help me start the day in a better mood: 1. Having a nice breakfast with my other half. Nothing fancy, just fruit, some protein and a good cup of coffee while we check the news online and we speak about our days and whatnot. 2. Doing my makeup. You know that’s my meditation. 3. Choosing a tiny accesory that gives a small but pretty twist to my comfortable, casual look of the day.  4. Bumping into an old man on my way to work who always wishes me good morning with a warm, happy smile. While I will talk about point number 3 today, point number 4 is one of the best things that has happened to me since I moved to Germany. That gentleman is a definitely a highlight of my life in Bremen.

Everyday Jewellery_6

But back to accessories. During my university years I would wear earrings every day, they were my thing. Then I went crazy for big, JCrew inspired statement necklaces. And when I moved to Germany I just stopped wearing accessories at all. It was too cold and the scarf, beanie and huge coat didn’t work well with accessories. They made me uncomfortable. And I don’t do uncomfortable.  But during the last couple of years I’ve gotten my accessory mojo back and even though I don’t wear them literally every day (mostly because I forget to put them on in the morning. The same thing happens with perfume) I wear them most days and I enjoy doing so.

I usually wear small, subtle earrings. You can’t go wrong with Monica Vinader and since I got those beautiful rose gold and amazonite pair I’ve been wearing them constantly. They were a very special brithday present.

I also love my minimal and structured AB Handmade Diamond Hoop Gold earrings. They go with everything and I bought them as a result of the first collaboration of the blog, so they are special in their own way.

Everyday Jewellery_5
A couple of years ago we were strolling around Hamburg and we found that lovely dainty combo of silver earrings and ring by COS . It was an improptu purchase that has turned into one of my favourites. In fact, that’s one of the only rings I wear on a daily basis.

But talking about comfortable, small pieces that you can wear even to the gym, those pretty, tiny Oliver Bonas earrings are simply perfect. In fact, Oliver Bonas has a great selection of understated jewellery, check some nice ideas here. They were a souvenir from our amazing Edinburgh getaway last Autumn.

Everyday Jewellery_2

My vanity has a couple of pieces that are not earrings, though now that I’m writing this post it I guess I might be going back in that university earring thing period… Oh well.  At least now they are not made of plastic! We’ve talked about Apodemia before, but we can’t get enough of its beautiful, tasteful pieces. Those bracelets are one of our favourite possesions since we bought them for each other. A year later, in a recent trip to Spain my wife bought me that tiny ring. I love some much that I even instagrammed it. She knew I loved it the fist time we visited the shop so she got it for me. Insert heart eyed emoji.

Everyday Jewellery_3
And lastly, two pieces that mean a lot because both are presents from my mum. The necklace was a surprise. She knew that I liked it and she got it for me one day, just because. It’s from Aristrocrazy, a Spanish brand that was the coolest a couple of years ago. Now it’s just another jewellery brand, but when it came out, it was really innovative.

And finally, my only statement earrings. The ones that I wear when I dress up. I’ve had them for years, seven to be exact. My mum gave them to my for my honeymoon. We were going to the Amalfi Coast and Capri and she thought these earrings were the only accessory I needed. My grandmother bought them in Capri as a present for my mum when she was 17. And my heart explodes every time I think about my nonna choosing these earrings for her daughter.

Everyday Jewellery_4
And that’s my jewellery collection. Small but very special. Mostly presents from the women in my life. Even though I’m tempted to but anything small that shines (there are so many nice pieces out there!) I’m very happy keeping my collection edited, meaningful and, mostly, wearable. Because, who hasn’t been afraid of loosing a very expensive family piece? I know I don’t like to wear those because I get anxious! I prefer to look at those pieces, admire them, listen to the stories that come with them…but wear the most casual ones that tell my story. They still make my days feel special, but they are comfortable, practical and fit in my lifestyle. I’m a sweater and jeans kind of woman that loves to walk to the office so that I can bump into that old man who wishes me good morning with a smile. For me it’s all about the little things… also in the jewellery department!

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