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The T-shirt edit

Before Summer ends, and here in Germany it’s supposed to end today, we wanted to dedicate a post to our T-shirts.  One would think that as years go by our wardrobes would change into sophisticated collections of suits, heels and pencil skirts. But nope, we still go crazy for a nice, comfortable, soft T-shirt.


There’s something about the comfort, the effortless look and the cuteness of a T-shirt that made us wear them again and again. You can say they are a staple in our wardrobe together with blue shirts and jeans. We usually pair them with blazers for an upgraded T-shirt look and this Summer I’ve been wearing tees with long or midi skirts on repeat. That combo has made me feel a little cool, even more when combined with sneakers. Anyone else stalking Jeanne Damas’ Instagram this Summer?  Well, wearing cute T-shirts + flower printed skirts has been my way of recreating some of her looks. The constant rain has made espadrilles impossible, but white sneakers were a nice substitute. At least in my mind. But the truth is that I wore it because the result was absolutely comfortable and that’s the only rule in my wardrobe. If it’s not comfortable… it’s not for me.

The white “Les vacances” tee that you can see pictured above is one of my latest purchases. I bought it in July and it was my way of following the “French words on a white T-shirt” trend without making it obvious. Did I succeed? I don’t know but I find it really cute and the quality of the fabric is outstanding. It’s from & Other Stories. If you are interested in buying it, size up!


And while browsing & Other Stories website I came across this navy little number which came home as well. You can see that I’ve broken my one month /one piece rule. Oh well, the update of that post is going to make you laugh. I have scheduled it for November. It’s going to make me want to cry instead because it will show my absolute lack of willpower, but hey,  we are always honest here. And I’m human. And I love navy and the T-shirt is really cute. I don’t find it in the website any more so I guess it was a limited edition or something and it totally justifies the purchase.

Do you remember this one? It appeared in this Summer capsule wardrobe. In one of every two pictures of our days in London, Ibiza and Mallorca, she is wearing it so… total success! Fantastic when paired with shorts it’s going to be a great transition piece with black jeans, boots and a black blazer. Carine Roitfeld moodboard mode on. As you can see, lots of French inspiration lately… I’m going back to French lessons on Monday so this must be my way of studying French.

And now, let’s go with our basics. Two classic versions that are always in our wardrobe drawers: The Jacksonville T-shirt from American Vintage and the striped 3/4 sleeve T-shirts from COS.

The_TShirt_Edition_5 The_TShirt_Edition_2

We discovered the American Vintage Jacksonville T-shirts in Paris (Oh, France again… mais oui!) and it’s been our absolute favourite since then. We have in it white and black and it’s one of those pieces that we wear until it has holes in it. And then we buy it again. You won’t find a softest fabric and the cut is unbelievably flattering, loose in the waist/hip area and more fitted in the shoulders and chest.

And what can we say about the COS tees? We have them in every possible colour and they are so versatile and comfortable that, again, when they get old, we buy new ones. And the price tag is ridiculous.  They prove that basics are the best pieces.

So as the end of Summer approaches, we are trying to make the most of our Summer wardrobe. There are plenty of things we planned for the season that we haven’t made: update our terrace (it will be ready for Autumn so that we can’t use it. That’s so us), a day trip to Lüneburg (one day we’ll have to tell you the story of how fate plays with us everytime we plan a visit to this town) or wear sandals at least once. None of those things has happened but hey, fingers crossed for an Indian Summer in September!

PS: check the links to these T-shirts in our shop!


    • Volentieri! I really enjoy shopping for others! I’m ameba shaped, so shopping for me can be quite frustrating. However, I loove shopping for others! :)

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