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Yellow bird coffee

We love breakfasts and since we moved to Bremen, finding the best breakfast in town has been one of our hobbies. Honestly, there’s not much you can do in this little town, but the breakfast scene is getting quite good.  In fact, breakfast in Germany is really special. Maybe the terrible weather is the reason why so many people get together for a nice breakfast out instead of dinner but meeting for breakfast is really popular and most restaurants, bakeries and cafés offer different options and usually booking a table is necessary.


We discovered The Yellow Bird coffee, a hipster style, Instagrammable goldmine café at the beginning of the Summer and we’ve been going back almost every weekend. The coffee is spectacular, the atmosphere is lovely and the breakfast options are healthy-ish and absolutely delicious. Plus, we finally have avocado on toast in Bremen!! Yes, I know, that’s so 2015 but hey, the trend just arrived to Bremen.

We doubted about sharing this place in the blog for a while, but we realized that if we have found it in London or Copenhagen we would have written a post about it a long time ago. So the only thing that was holding us back was its location, our little, provincial Bremen. However, lately a new bunch of cool, nice, hidden gem kind of places have been opening in the city and we’ve been enjoying the process of discovering them, so we might as well share it here! The core of our slow-paced philosophy is enjoying our life as simple as it is. So we live in Bremen, then we are going to share more about it.


The Yellow Bird coffe is located in Neustadt, the “new town”. This area of Bremen has a very nice main street with nice restaurants, cafes and a good amount of gourmet shops. And is in this street where you will find The Yellow Bird. The decor is absolutely trendy and could be the role model for a lot of Pinterest boards: wooden tables, white chairs, delicate flower or herbs arrangements in every table, lots of tiny details and a counter full of bio, eco, cool product for sale: from homemade Nutella to craft beer. And absolutely everything comes in a picture perfect  package.


The atmosphere is quite laid back, quiet and very nice, perfect for those who need a moment before they have had their first cup of coffee. The clientele is a mix of little groups of young mothers with perfect eyebrows, flawless manicures and adorable chubby blonde babies, cute couples, groups of friends with great haircuts (something quite strange in Germany, to be honest) and the odd Spanish girls (that’s us and since we are becoming regulars I thought I would include us in the description).  The staff is nice and very eco / bio / modern Deutsch.


But let’s focus on what’s important: the food and the coffee. We usually order the avocado toast with spinach and scrambled eggs, which are actually a sort of very thin omelette but it’s absolutely delicious. It’s a little bit spicy, the bread is incredible and has the most crunchy crust… we always want a little bit more when the plate is empty. That’s why we always order a side of their granola to share, which is our favourite granola in the world and always makes us want to order one each (but we restrain ourselves because food comas are not nice). They also offer great looking smoothies and you can come for a simple, light lunch. We stick to breakfast but, who knows? Maybe one day we will change our beloved Saturday routine (power breakfast + farmers market + afternoon in the sofa) and come for lunch instead.


The coffee has that sweet, warm, almond aftertaste that we love about coffee in Copenhagen. Really, really nice. And it’s not only the coffee that reminds us of Copenhagen. This place is so cool and the food is so nice, that it could be easily be mistaken for one of those independent, laid back coffee shops in the wonderful capital of Denmark.

After six years in Bremen we love how the city is changing and opening up to the world without losing its particular character. Bremen is still Bremen (angry cyclists, terrible weather, weird people complaining because Zara opened here and, therefore, the city is losing its personality) but at least we have a decent avocado toast to post on Instagram while you hear locals complaining about globalisation and eating the same avocado toast and posting the same picture on Instagram. Oh, globalisation… We love to hate you.



  1. “Bremen (angry cyclists, terrible weather, weird people complaining because Zara opened here and, therefore, the city is losing its personality)” I really had to love about this. Not having been in Bremen for the last months, I forgot that this is very much accurate. The Yellow Bird looks like such a great place, I definitely have to check the place out when I am back in December. Thank you for sharing this even if it just provincial Bremen! ;D x Lenja

    • Yeah! You should! The food is delicious and the atmosphere is very gemütlich ;) Actually we are very pleased with how Bremen is relunctanly but steadily opening up to the world. There is a new food market called Markthalle 8 and a great coffee shop, Harbour Coffee, and even a brand new COS store is opening! New trends and places! Yay!

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