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Ca Na Toneta

Ca Na Toneta is one of our favourite places in the world. To understand why, we have to walk down memory lane a little bit. In 2009 we started planning our wedding and looking for venues and vendors in Mallorca, where our destination wedding would take place. Food has always beeen really important to us and we were determined to have the best food we could afford for our small wedding. We started looking for caterers but finding what we were looking for turned out to be a nightmare. Lots of caterings offered really snob, fusion style, neon-coloured finger food options… but we were looking for delicious, authentic, natural food without any artifices. Our wedding was simple, rustic and very relaxed… just how we like our food! And then we found Ca Na Toneta. A small restaurant where two sisters were revamping traditional local food. A couple of mails later, they agreed to prepare our wedding menu.

Ca Na Toneta_1

In February 2010 we visited the restaurant and met them. We LOVED the food, but we also fell in love with Ca Na Toneta, a simple space where every detail was well-thought-out. We sensed a philosophy behind it, a new way to understand food in the island, giving importance to local produce. Our wedding took place in May 2010 and we couldn’t have been happier with the menu, the attention, the kindness of María and Teresa… In the last seven years we’ve seen Ca Na Toneta evolve and appear in so many specialized magazines, books and even TV shows so we feel really lucky and honored to have had them as such an important part of our wedding.

Ca Na Toneta_11

Even though we’ve kept in touch during these years and we’ve met María a few times, we hadn’t came back to the restaurant. But a couple of weeks ago we travelled to Mallorca and finally had dinner in their beautiful terrace. Coming back to Ca Na Toneta was quite emotional for us and we were amazed by how gorgeous everything was. The restaurant has grown and they now serve delicious cocktails in a tiny yet beautiful bar, they have opened the most amazing homeware shop and they even offer a lovely space for private gatherings and events… But all keeps that rustic charm, that unique atmosphere which made us fall in love with Ca Na Toneta in the first place.

Ca Na Toneta_5

María and her team have renovated their family home, just next to Ca Na Toneta, which now hosts a stunning homeware shop that doubles as cocktail bar and terrace to enjoy a few drinks before dinner. Following Ca Na Toneta’s philosophy, everything they sell in the shop is made by local artisans (we wanted to buy a couple of the gorgeous aprons they sell but ultimately forgot!) and all the cocktails and drinks they serve are prepared with Balearic spirits and juices made from local, seasonal fruits. We had a refreshing and alcohol free lemon and orange juice and a watermelon and gin cocktail. They were the perfect start for a wonderful night. We sat on the terrace and enjoyed that warm, Summer night breeze. Beautiful bougainvillea, light furniture and  white walls gave us a quintessential Summer feeeling.

Ca Na Toneta_3Ca Na Toneta_8Ca Na Toneta_7

 Ca Na Toneta_9We had the opportunity to chat with María and Teresa, reminisce about our wedding and even make plans for our 10th anniversary! The beautiful terrace overlooks a charming patio which can host private dinners, workshops and opens to a small kitchen and a cosy space with a traditional fireplace. Surely, that would be the perfect setting for Winter gatherings by the fire! There was a private dinner on the patio that night that gave us an idea of what our 10th anniversary party could look like… We loved the beautiful combination of Majorcan style with Scandi vibes!

Ca Na Toneta_10

But it was time to head to the main restaurant for dinner! We were kindly guided to a little table located in the terrace, under the vines. The atmosphere was subtly festive with every table chatting happily over candle lights. We loved how pristine everything was: from the flawless linen tablecloths to the uniforms of the staff. That white monochrome base is perfect to showcase the colourful work of Albert Pinya, a local artist who has transformed the space with its unique style.

Ca Na Toneta_13

You don’t come to Ca Na Toneta only to eat, as we have mentioned before there’s this philosophy and overall experience that deserves a visit, but of course the food is the star of the show! We couldn’t get the best shots of the menu because candle light is not the most appropriate lighting for food pictures, but hopefully you will enjoy them anyway.

The menu consists of three starters, a soup, a coca, one fish and one meat dish and two desserts. Expect seasonal produce, local specialties inspired by our ancestor’s eating habits and an excellent presentation. We started with an appetizer that represented the Majorcan countryside in Summer: figs, sweet almonds and fennel. If the guests haven’t felt that wonderful sense of place by now, this starter will remind them of everything the decor, the atmosphere and the location has been whispering at them since they entered the door. You are in a unique Majorcan village. Make the most of it.

Ca Na Toneta_12

This was followed by a delicious watermelon, anchovies and cheese salad with pine nuts, black olives and mint oil. Refreshing and light, these flavours contrasted with what could be one of our favourite dishes of Ca Na Toneta (and one of the appetizers in our wedding): Bread baked in Selva, a nearby village, with local olive oil (made by Pep Solivellas, María and Teresa’s uncle), sea salt from Ibiza and olives seasoned by their mum. Simple things are the best things.

Ca Na Toneta_14 Ca Na Toneta_15

It was time for the soup, which happened to be our favourite dish of the evening. It was a delicious cold tomato soup (not gazpacho!) with marinated bacora (tuna’s cousin, as we were told) and capers. It was zingy but rich at the same time and it was the only moment we regretted the small portions, wich otherwise are ideal to savour and appreciate every dish and leave the restaurant feeling satisfied but not achingly full.  The picture doesn’t make this dish justice, because it was utterly delicious and beautiful.

Ca Na Toneta_16 Ca Na Toneta_17

And there’s no visit to Ca Na Toneta that doesn’t involve a mouthwatering coca. This traditional Majorcan specialty is our favourite. This time we had a roasted peppers coca with Mahón cheese and grapes. We’ve never thought of combining roasted peppers with cheese and grapes but oh my, it was a match made in (Mallorca’s) heaven! We wondered if those grapes came from the vines over our heads… but we guessed they were.

And then the two main dishes arrived: mackerel with aubergine and fig sauce, followed but our second favourite of the night, an incrediby flavourful plate of chicken rice with Majorcan truffles. Both were excellent but the rice was outstanding! You could hear every table mmming and ooohing. We’ve just invented those words for that dish. So imaging how good it was.

Ca Na Toneta_18 Ca Na Toneta_19

Finally, it was time for dessert. We were a bit sad by then because the night was coming to an end and we didn’t want it to. The full moon was shining bright, we were happy, the breeze was light and fresh and we could listen happy people all around us. We had a delicious lemon cake followed by a refreshing yogurt and hierbabuena ice cream with cucumber soup. We ordered two coffees to stretch our dinner and they came with two tiny, scrumptious chocolate biscuits that left us with a bittersweet flavour. That feeling of happyness and nostalgia that comes when something that you have anticipated for a long time finally comes to an end.

Ca Na Toneta_20

Ca Na Toneta is always going to be a truly special place for us. Not only because they were a very important part of our wedding (and hopefully they will be part of our 10th anniversary!), but because it inspires us. Whenever we think about it, remember it, read an article about Ca Na Toneta in the press, try to recreate a recipe… we feel that sense of place, calmness and a tingling hope… maybe we can change our life and turn it into a Ca na Toneta way of life?

Obviously, this place is more than a restaurant. You should check it yourself.




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