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The pink pepper tree hotel, Mallorca

A few years ago we fell in love with the rural, central area of Mallorca.  It epitomizes everything we love in life. The landscape, the proximity to the sea and the mountains, the subtle golden light that warmly lits the beautiful traditional houses… everything emanates serenity. Since then we’ve dreamt about buying a little house in the area. However, it looks like that dream isn’t coming true anytime soon, but we’ve found a little boutique hotel that feels like our very own home in Mallorca.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_34 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_18 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_25

The pink pepper tree hotel is hidden in Lloseta, a really small village off the beaten track. This hotel is a home hotel. This means that you are welcome to the kitchen to grab freakfast, that you will receive the keys to the main doors, that you can use the yoga room, the gardens and the swimming pool whenever you feel like it, that the owners will wave goodbye when you go and that, in general, you will feel that the stunning finca is your very own home in the island. And what a home! The decor is absolutely exquisite: natural, laid back, tasteful and cosy. You can buy some details for your home and, inspired by the gorgeous decor both in the rooms and main areas, we bought a little thing to bring back home and this weekend I’m going to try and replicate some of the art wall that we had in our room.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_55 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_39 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_57 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_26

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_32

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Upon arrival we were taken to our beautiful room and Glynn, the owner, encouraged us to join the other guest for dinner in the beautiful patio.  No boring check in process. We were welcomed as you would welcome your family when they visit your home: here you have a copy of our keys, please have some fresh water and join us for dinner!

The cicadas were competing with the sweet, soft music that was playing on the background.  Jacqueline, the owner and cook, cooked a delicious, light, fresh dinner that we truly enjoyed: a nectarine and ham salad, turkey and zucchini burgers with a crunchy cabbage salad and an incredible date tart for dessert. She cooks dinner three times a week, so were lucky to arrive one of those days.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_9 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_7 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_10 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_11

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_12

They grow their own vegetables, fruits and herbs, which happen to perfume the whole property. The scent of fresh mint, basil or sage, warm and rich under the sun was intoxicating. As the sun set, the lights in the patio were switched on, reminding us of a traditional Spanish Summer verbena, only with a quieter, more relaxing atmosphere. Conversations among guests were soft and intimate. We spent a nice amount of time in silence, enjoying the views, the scents, the peace and the amazing moon.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_33 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_48 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_24

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_20

The following day we were encouraged to grab breakfast in the kitchen and once we were seated in the patio, two excellent cups of coffee and freshly squeezed orange juices appeared in front of us. During breakfast (amazing granola, cold meats and cheese and a fantastic selection of homemade jams) we had time to talk a little bit more with Glynn. He was absolutely lovely, really polite, friendly and kind. A perfect host. The personal attention is, no doubt, the signature touch at The pink pepper treee hotel.  After a delicious breakfast we headed to the swimming pool for the day. No pictures or words do justice to the aquamarine colour of the swimmingpool, surrounded by  white stone and dark wood. Walking along the little path that takes the guests to the swimming pool area we could feel our muscles relaxing under the scorching sun.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_27 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_28 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_54 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_31

And then we dozed off on the comfortable sunbeds under the shade of fruit trees, took dips and read for the rest of our stay. That swimming pool was our piece of heaven on Earth. Cowbells, cicadas and donkeys accompanied us from the distance, the scent of the herbs came with the breeze and we just left the swimming pool to enjoy simple but delicious lunches in the patio.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_52 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_56 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_30 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_44 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_16

This is luxury for us: chosen solitude, pears and promegranates just picked up from the tree, lunch under vines listening to the soothing sound of water, kindness, good manners, space and time to think, reflect and read, starry skies and silence. Of course, our wonderful room and its huge bed with Egyptian cotton bedding, the beautiful free standing bath, the incredible walk in shower, the natural, organic toiletries, the elegant yet rustic furniture characteristic of the sober traditional Majorcan style and the pristine wooden or stone floors that invite to walk barefoot truly helped to have that luxury feeling.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_41 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_4 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_53 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_49 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_2 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_51 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_42 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_3 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_43 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_21

Our short stay at The pink pepper tree was absolutely perfect and we can’t wait to come back and, maybe this time, stay a little bit longer and organize some day trips (they prepare picnics and beach baskets for guests) and yoga lessons. I’m sure sun salutations will feel even better in their premises.

The pink pepper tree‘s simplicity is its best asset. Everything is effortless, like a real holiday home or second residence: it may not look flawless, but it’s personal, welcoming, relaxed and different to anything else. It has personality and it gives you that easygoing holiday feeling that makes you smile, walk barefoot, appreciate the movement of the palm trees better than whatever appears on your cell screen and  recharges you in a way no other place will.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_46 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_40 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_45 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_22 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_29 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_23 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_14 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_13 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_15

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_8 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_17

PS: One secret perk of staying at this hotel is its proximity to one of our favourite restaurants in the world… But more on that next week!


  1. What a wonderful place! It looks like the perfect place for a relaxing holiday: away from the madding crowd, perfect setting, delicious food. And the pool! I bet it wasn’t that easy to leave the peaceful sun chairs and go for a day trip to explore the area ;)
    Can’t wait to read about the restaurant, too!

    • This hotel is a hidden gem, as cliché as it sounds, it’s the truth. We can’t wait to be back! The attention to detail and the atmosphere were outstanding.
      The restaurant is located in a nearby village and it’s absolutely wonderful, not only the food, but the decor and service as well. Stay tuned for next week! ;)

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