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6 Instagram accounts to follow if you have a sense of humor

There has been a lot of scandal around Instagram this week. We know this social platform has became a place where nothing is real, the pictures have turned into marketing tools and there is even an Instagram Mafia, whatever that is, but since we choose to look at the bright side of everything and Instagram helps us a lot when insomnia hits, we’ve decided to dedicate some nice words to this platform.

The truth is that there is excellent content on Instagram. From talented photographers to great recipes, and of course it’s a great tool if you want to do some research before travelling.  But today we wanted to share with you 6 brilliant, sharp, fun artists that have amazing feeds. If you are a woman and have a sense of humor, we are sure you will love their accounts. They share cartoons, vignettes and comics that reflect the struggle of being a woman.

Mari Andrew: humour with a touching sensitive twist: vulnerability, homesickness and happiness. She also does a hilarious series on A Cup of Jo (the image above wa featured in these series).

Cartoons by Hillary: with one sentence she can sum up career success, mansplaining and life in general.

Maritsa Patrinos: fun, comic-style feed that shows honest-to-God truths, human nature and everyday struggles.

Planet Prudence: we wish we could have had this role model when we were teenagers while dealing with acne, social anxiety or awkwardness.

And for our Spanish speaking followers (hola!!!):

Monstruo Espagueti: the perfect mix between intelligence and humour. Well, now that we think about it, they are kind of the same thing. Diets, reality and work life.

Agustina Guerrero: a graphic designer with the cutest hair bun of the internet that uncovers every day life: doors, guilt, hungovers, shaving and Sundays.

Do you follow any artist that we should know about?

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