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Starskin masks

A few weeks ago we confessed our recent obsession with face masks. You can read the post here. We tried a few brands for the purpose of research and the Starskin Anti-aging Silkmud Green Tea Clay Mask really stood out. In fact, we loved it so much that we inmediately bought a bunch of them, not only for us but also as a present for our friends. Since the change we saw in our skin was so impressive, we decided to widen our research and try more Starskin products. A few dead cells later, here you have the results…

We started with the Foaming peeling puffs. The yellow package contains a patented Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Carrot and Broccoli extract infused puff that, once you have added a few drops of water, creates a rich lather that claims to slough away dead skin, help reduce wrinkles and bright up skin tone.  We were a little bit afraid of this one since we both have sensitive skin but, apart from a light sting in my left cheek the first time I used it, we can guarantee this product suits sensitive skin. No discomfort. Our skin wasn’t red or irritated afterwards and we’ve used it once every week since then. However, one thing we would advise is to use it gradually: start by applying it for just a minute and a half the first time, two the minutes the second time until you get comfortable with the three minutes recommended by the brand. The puff can be used up to three times which gives you a great value for your money. And it smells like sweet lemon icre cream, which is a plus in our books.

The veredict: once you’ve rinse the light foam off you will immediately notice that the skin is softer. Immediately! Most black heads will be gone and your skin will be clearer and brighter. As we’ve said before, this product is now part of our weekly beauty routine.

Then we tried the Hydrating Bio-Cellulose face mask because it was recommended as a second phase of the peeling program. Really comforting after the first step, it has a texture between gel and lotion. Like the first Starskin face mask that we tried, this one was also quite difficult to put on but once it was on, it adapted very well to our faces and was quite comfortable.  It smelled like clean clothes and left our skin moisturised and toned.

The veredict: this face masks is good, even more when used after the peeling. However, it leaves your skin quite sticky and after an hour we washed our faces because we couln’t stand the stickiness. We won’t buy it again because of that.

Finally we tried the Brightening Bio-Cellulose face mask. We left it in the fridge for 10 minutes, as advised, and the cold feeling was quite nice on the skin. Again, it was complicated to put on (that must be house brand). This mask is formulated with naturally fermented, vitamin-rich coconut juice and it’s an after party face mask. Since our parties consist in late night MasterChef marathons, we can’t tell if it really helps with skin hangovers, but it sure left our skin brighter, dewier and kind of whiter!

The veredict: we will definitely use it again. It’s a bit sticky but not as much as the Hydrating face mask. When you are close to your 40s dewy skin is the goal, so we will keep this face mask in our “let’s pretend we are younger” cabinet. And if we ever party hard, we will use it and report back.

To sum up: the Starskin Anti-aging Silkmud Green Tea Clay Mask is the best face mask that we’ve tried so far. Buy it (you can find de direct link in our shop!). And if you have a little bit time every Sunday for a peeling, try the Starskin Foaming peeling puffs, they are great! We won’t lie to you, we are looking forward to trying the Starskin Lip Mask. If putting on a face mask makes us laugh like there’s no tomorrow, those lip masks guarantee more laughs. Oh, and they also have feet and hand masks!! I’m sensing a new order coming up…


    • They are really, really great. We don’t normally love face masks because we don’t feel any major change, but these ones really tick in all the right boxes!

  1. It does sound great but I’m trying to turn to natural cosmetics and although this brand includes great natural ingredients there are some other ingredients than doesn’ t seem so good… and after this comment I’ m going to bath with my beloved ritual’s shower mousse wich is all chimicals but feel great…😉

    • Hahahahaha! I have to admit thay I’m all for natural ingredients when in comes to food. But with beauty… I’m a sucker for almost every product on Earth. I don’t have the will power to quot chemicals…

  2. I was obsessed with good genes of sunday riley and when I saw the inc list I was disappointed… well not completely because the beauty addict in me stills longs for it…

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