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Face masks

Everyone knows I have a soft spot for everything beauty but, surprisingly, it was my wife who wanted to do this post because recently she has developed an addiction to face masks. Not that I complain! I’m more than happy to try as many face masks as she wants. And since we have a long weekend ahead and there’s nothing better than a pampering session in your pajamas on a Saturday/Sunday/bank holiday night, we thought you might want to read about our face masks discoveries.


We bought six masks, three for her and three for me,  and we’ve tried them during the last weeks (one mask each per week). They were all different because we have different skin types and therefore different skin needs. We chose three brands that we’ve never tried before: Dr. Jart+, FaceInc and Starskin. They all were inspired by Korean beauty and we found them at our local Douglas (for those who don’t live in Germany, it’s a chain similar to Sephora). We thought some of them were nice, others not so much but there was one mask that blow us away. And without further ado, here’s our experiment:

Dr. Jart+
Both face masks had a soft texture, similar to a smooth, cottony fabric. They felt expensive although they were just 7€. The first thing that surprised us was that they were made for people with small noses and our noses, which are not particularly big, weren’t completely covered. But apart from that, they weren’t slippery and they stayed put for the 15 minutes that we had them on. Even if we laughed the whole time because who doesn’t laugh hysterically when applying a face mask? It’s absolutely silly but so much fun.

I chose the Brightening Solution face mask, which promised a brighter skin tone and youthful and radiant appearance. My skin tends to look dull, with a touch of “you haven’t seen the sun in six months, haven’t you?” touch, so a brighter and radiant appearance sounded fantastic. It had a nice minty scent, really spa-like, and the mask was soaked in a creamy solution that felt fresh and moisturizing. The result? My face looked clearer, even whiter but in a nice way. It did felt a little bit sticky afterwards so I didn’t use my night cream that evening because my skin was still covered in the solution.

She chose the Clearing Solution that promised an improved texture of the skin and fewer blemishes. This masks was definitely more liquidy and the solution felt like a gel. It was quite refreshing and her skin surprisingly absorbed all the gel! However, since the nose is a problematic area for her and the mask didn’t covered it, she felt like it could have worked better. The result: smoother skin and uniform skin tone. But the blackheads on the nose were still there afterwards.

Verdict: nice but not incredibly so. Hadn’t we tried the week after the incredibly amazing Starskin masks (there you go, a spoiler) we might have had a better verdict. Do we recommend these masks? Yes. But only as a nice extra treatment to your skin, not to achieve an impressive result. Great for the average weekend, not so much for the day before an important event. Yet again, they were just 7€ each, so you get a nice value for your money.

THE BOMB. These masks were the bomb. We liked them so much that in a recent layover in Amsterdam airport we literally run across the terminal to buy more Starskin face masks (they were on sale at the Duty Free!). The only drawback is that they are a nightmare to put on. We had to help each other because there were plastics that had to be peeled off, the face masks are divided in two parts, there is clay involved, the holes for your eyes are kind of downwards… It was all a bit messy but the result made all the process worth it.  Oh, and the instructions come in lots of different languages. That’s handy.

She chose the Starskin Detoxing Master Cleanser Mask. The mask was actually quite rigid and didn’t stick to the skin, so she had to lay down while she wore it. But I guess that adds a relaxing feel to the experience. Before putting on the mask she washed her face with a cleanser that came with it. That was the best part of all. She loved that cleanser and she swears that’s the cleanest she had ever felt her face. The mask smelled like green tea, in case you are picky with scents (she is). It promised a glowy, detoxified, softer skin. And it was supposed to attenuate first lines (I already have second or third lines, so that’s why this mask was for her and the antiaging one was for me). The result: the combination of the cleanser and the mask felt really detoxifying and calming and her skin looked clearly juicier.

As I mentioned before, I went for the Anti-aging Silkmud Green Tea Clay Mask. This masks clearly made a difference. It was one of those wow! moments that rarely happen when it comes to beauty products, at least for me. I needed help to put it on, but afterwards it adapted perfectly to my skin and was actually very comfortable at the beginning, though it started getting tight as the 15 minutes passed by. The brand recommends leaving the mask up to 40 minutes for a better result but I wouldn’t have tolerated it more than 20 minutes. It smelled clean and slightly sweet, very nice. It promised glowy, younger looking skin and tighten pores. I initially doubted that my pores would improve because it’s one of my biggest skin issues but when I peeled off the mask I HAD NO PORES. I swear, they were gone.  My skin was like porcelain, it was gleaming, glowing, brighter… it was unreal. I also noticed that the lines around my mouth had vanished (I do have chubby cheeks and apparently I smile a lot, so I have noticeable lines that go from the side of my nose to the corners of my mouth). The result: incredible skin.

Verdict: go try these masks. Run across an airport to find them if you have to. In fact, we have bought a ton of different Starskin masks to try and we will make a huge post about them next month. We are so looking forward to trying them! Specially my wife who has bought a bunch of them, including the anti-aging one because she was jealous of my skin when I tried it! And by the way, prices go from 10 to 15€ so they are a bargain bearing in mind the incredible results.


These masks were… meh. We bought them because we absolutely love the NailsInc nail polishes and we were excited to try them but the results were a little bit disappointing. Both masks had a very chemical-ish smell and the texture was quite synthetic. However both masks hat fun designs, mine was pink with a colourful flower crown (much like a Snapchat filter) and her was green, which reminded us of The Mask (insert Cuban Pete song). Again, laughter guaranteed.

I chose the Flower Power mask. The solution, which has botanical flower extracts and vitamin E, was really liquidy but the mask adapted very well to my face. It felt cold on the skin, but it wasn’t unpleasant. The result: my skin felt moisturised and after peeling off the mask I massaged the excess of solution into my skin, which felt fresh, nice and comforting so I skipped my night routine that evening.

She chose the Instant Balance mask, which also felt quite cold on the skin. Not much to say here. The result was moderately juicy skin.

Verdict: meh. They are just 5€ each, so they are fun and nice for a pajama party or as part of any afterparty kit kind of goodie bag, but we wouldn’t recommend them if you are looking for a real improvement on your skin.

Have you read all the post? We applaud you. I can speak about beauty products for days #sorrynotsorry. If you can speak about beauty for days too and you have any face masks recommendations to share with us, please write them down in the comment section. Let’s nurture my wife’s addiction to face masks!


  1. Absolute fan of the face masks and I can’t wait to try the starskins’ I don’t know if I can find it in Spain… I’ll have to do some beauty research (I’ll have to sacrifice)

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