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Ibiza’s secrets and legends

Three years ago we spent the most wonderful days exploring Ibiza. The rural Ibiza, the quiet Ibiza. Now that we are already thinking about our Summer holidays, this extremely popular yet truly unknown destination has made its way to the top of our bucket list again. There are so many corners we have to discover yet… Because Ibiza is not just a party island! It has the most magical atmosphere once you look beyond the surface.

And when we found this book, we couldn’t help but immediately start looking for flight prices, accommodations and new routes in Ibiza. Wanderlust mode on! Even though we mostly rely on travel blogs, magazines and Instagram (as seen here, here and here) to plan new trips nowadays, the good old travel books are a lovely resource to go back to. And this book is a perfect example. It’s a collection of rare hidden places, mysterious tales and magical landscapes in the Balearic Islands. It uncovers the secrets of local legends and makes us want to keep on discovering that different Ibiza that we got a glimpse of during our first trip back in 2014.


The wonderful, mostly deserted alleys in Dalt Vila are the perfect scenario for romance and mystery. One of them, the Carreró de la Soledat is supposed to be the place where a woman lost her soul to get her husband back home. The spooky story involves a witch, a dark night and a small balcony.

Ibiza - Cala Olivera_1

In the east coast of the island you will find Santa Eularia des Riu, which is considered a great destination for families. Well, it does have its secrets too… and some of them are not suitable for all audiences! It is said that it was none other than the devil who built Es Pont Vell, the bridge that crosses the Santa Eularia River and according to the legend, on June 24th at midnight you can catch fameliars, small elves, under said bridge.

Also in Santa Eularia you can find the little Sa Creu d´En Ribes chapel. This chapel was built by a resident who faced the devil when trying to cut down an ancient holm oak. Since God protected him from this terrible encounter with the devil, he commissioned this little chapel. Legend says that if you go around this chapel 7 times with someone you have problems with, before the last turn all problems between the two of you will be solved. Magic.

And finally, before leaving Santa Eularia, a visit to the enchanted Sa Font d’en Lluna is a must. This beautiful place was the setting of a heartbreaking love story where, you guessed it, the devil played his usual tricks. And apparently, even today you can find modern witches meeting in this mysterious spring.


One of our favourite areas of the island is the Northwest, where the beautiful Santa Agnes chapel is located. This is the most ancient Christian temple of the island, where hidden cults were celebrated  when the Christians were persecuted. Inside this chapel there is a spring, which waters are said to be blessed by Santa Agnes. By the way, no one knows for sure how the statue of Santa Agnes arrived in this location.

Ibiza_Ses Salines

And finally, in the Northeast of Ibiza, you will find the most magical and mysterious place of the island, the Sanctuary of the Goddess Tanit. This area was sacred during  centuries going back to the Bronze age, but it was during the the Punic settlement when the Sanctuary of the Goddess Tanit was established. So not only has this area a significant historic relevance, but also a unique atmosphere that proves that Ibiza does not only vibrate thanks to the loud music of its famous clubs.

And now, excuse us, we have to book some flights…

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