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Weather has been awful lately. What an interesting way of starting a post, huh? But honestly, it really affects all the important facets of life: mood, health… and wardrobe. When half the population is going bonkers with the new collections, the other half is looking miserably through the window because it’s raining cats and dogs, it’s freezing and it’s been Winter for soooo, so long. Therefore, while most blogs talk about Spring collections, we are going to cling to the last sales because yes, we are among that desperate half of the population and now, now is the moment to score a great bargain.

Let us ask you a question: How old are you? Because if you are over 28 (which you probably are according to Google Analytics) you need to look for a nice cashmere sweater. This is the moment: sales, no one is looking because, you know, Spring is coming… and it will make your life better. Let us elaborate:

It will make your mornings cosier, because even though you just can’t stop thinking about those little Easter vacations in April you still have to get up when it’s still dark outside (light, when will you come?).

It will feel like a gentle caress when in the middle of one of those boring meetings that could have easily been E-mails (why people insist on meeting? Ugh!) you cross your arms over your body because otherwise you will end up loosing it and smack someone. And that amazing fabric will ease you almost immediately.

It will turn your uniform (pants, knit, boots)  into something better than it really is. And just by rolling up your sleeves and thinking nonchalantly “oh, I’m wearing cashmere!” you will feel closer to your life’s dream of turning into a JCrew model.

And if you are thinking that it will be terrible to wash: well, you are right. But if you always wear t -shirts underneath, use a good deodorant and be careful with you lunch box, you won’t be having to wash it that often. Besides, if you have a good quality washing machine you can use the delicate cycle and hope for the best.

Are you convinced now? Let us show you some things that will change your mind: light pink turtleneck sweater (50% off) to put you instantly in a good mood, grey wooden sweater to lounge at home feeling like Victoria Beckham (45% off), black and ruffles to wear under a nice blazer and show your boss that you can be girly and yet a badass (45% off) and this simple and wearable cream sweater (46% off) to to channel your inner minimalist cool that tries to convince you to Capsule Wardrobe you life. As you can see  The Outnet has a great selection with amazing prices. But don’t wait too long, they fly!

And if you like the gorgeous turtleneck black cashmere sweater that I’m wearing on the picture above while trying not to show my face because I feel embarrassed, last chance here! The Kooples have amazing “last chance” sales: it was 325 € and now it’s 162 €!! Score!! It was my one and only sales buy, but it was so worth it. And you can also buy it in grey, which I’m tempted to buy because I have a grey addiction (as seen here) and because the weather prediction says it’s going to be rainy and dreary for the next few weeks…  so I might as well enjoy it, huh?


    • Thank you!!! Oh but you live in such a beautiful area… let’s say that even rain can’t spoil it! But a little bit of sun wouldn’t hurt, right? Happy weekend anyway! :)

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