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Our favorite European neighbourhoods

We are lucky enough to have visited some of the most wonderful European cities more than once. The truth is that when one place fascinates us we can’t help but coming back to discover more about it. That’s how we have found our favorite areas in cities like London, Copenhagen, Paris and Venice. The reasons why we prefer these neighbourhoods are diverse: it could be a local vibe, a different atmosphere, a big concentration of nice restaurants or shops or a unique charm that simply appeals to us.

Castello, Venice
This is probably my favorite place in the world. The most authentic sestier of Venice, where you can get lost in the tiniest streets and practically see no one, contemplate in silence the wonderful canals and enjoy the little bit of real life that is still fighting the hordes of tourists in Venice. Here you can find our favorite accommodation in Venice, Residenze Cortenova, and one of our favorite restaurants as well, La Oliva Nera. Even though this area is not as impressive as others, it feels local, real, authentic. The architecture is different from the wonderful examples of Venetian extravaganza you can find along the Canal Grande, but you will find understated palazzi and the most adorable and beautiful houses where a few resilient Venetians still live. In a nutshell, you will find my Venice.


Marylebone, London
Most of our favorite restaurants in London are located in this beautiful area: from the cozy Fromagerie to the Michelin starred Trishna, without forgetting, of course, the delicious burgers at Patty & Bun . Matrylebone also has the most amazing shops and it’s the home of our favorite hotel in London, The Mandeville, so if your idea of the perfect weekend in London involves leisure walks discovering beautiful mews, lots of good food and some incredible shopping, then you’ll love Marylebone as much as we do. Don’t miss the wonderful bookshop Daunt Books (pictured above) and the fashionable Monocle Café!


Norrebro, Copenhagen
Choosing one area in Copenhagen is really hard because the city is petite and beautiful, but we always love spending some time in Norrebro. Starting with a power breakfast at Dagh Café we love walking along the Lakes and enjoying its beautiful side streets. This is definitely a great area for a slow-paced day and it also could be the perfect starting point to explore Copenhagen, since it’s quite close to the city center and the hip Vesterbro. Just enjoy the quiet atmosphere, the tidy streets and the beautiful pastel colored architecture.


Latin Quarter, Paris
The first time we visited Paris we were charmed by the beautiful Montmartre and the bo-ho Marais areas. However, the more we got to know the Latin Quarter, the more we loved it and, nowadays, it’s our neighborhood of choice when we look for accommodation in Paris (Usually this hotel). From here, we can walk to most attractions and museums, we can have breakfast at the wonderful boulangerie Eric Kayser and get lost in the streets that inspire Midnight in Paris. And of course, this area is home to the lovely Jardin du Luxembourg, one of the most beautiful parks in Paris. And now that I think about it, it’s time to revisit our Parisian favorites… Spring is wonderful in Paris, isn’t it?


  1. Marylebone! One of my favorite neighborhood in London as well. I remembered walking around on sunday morning and it was so calm and peaceful with hidden mews to discover.

    • Hi Nerissa! Marylebone is quiet, chic and it’s simply perfect for long walks, a tad of shopping and slow-paced lunches. Just exactly what we love! Thanks for passing by!

  2. nerissarahadian says

    Marylebone! One of my favorite neighborhood in London as well (right after Hampstead!). I remembered how calm and peaceful it was to walk around on sunday morning while discovering hidden mews in the area! x

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