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Non Fiction

Is there anything better than a good book that you can’t put down? Maybe, but books are pretty amazing, even more during these Winter dark, cold afternoons. Add a pair of fluffy socks, a cosy blanket and something to nibble and you have the perfect plan.

However, we’ve noticed a different pattern in our reading habits lately. We barely read fiction nowadays. Our favourite book from 2016 was this one and although its content can feel like science fiction sometimes (the things humans do for power…) it was completely the opposite.  And that’s the trend that our bedside tables have been witnessing for the last few months: nonfiction.

Maybe the reason is that the world is so surreal lately, that we have been looking for truth and wisdom rather than fantasize with stories or tales. Whether it is a biography or a history book, we feel that we’ve been learning a lot and we certainly had a great time doing so. Non Fiction is fun!  These are some of the books we’ve loved lately and a couple that are on queue, waiting to be read:

Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari. This is a mixture of history, natural science and even philosophy. This book talks about our species and how we have evolved. It’s an easy way to fell in love with humankind and hate it at the same time. The eloquent writing makes it really easy to read and gives you a lot to think about regarding the choices humans have made and will make.

What if?, by Randall Munroe. This book is hilarious and educational. But mostly hilarious. It answers all those absurd questions that we are ashamed of asking. It was a present from my brother-in-law, he said it was so me… And it really is. I love it. The little chapters called “Weird and worrying questions” is really funny (and disturbingly scary).

Notes from a big country, by Bill Bryson. This book will make you roar with laughter. It’s perfect to forget your worries. In fact, any book by Bill Bryson is fantastic and will make you happier.  In this book the author talks about his experience and thoughts when he came back to his country, USA, after spending two decades in England.

What I talk about when I talk about running, by Haruki Murakami. One of us is obsessed with this author and wonders when is he going to be awarded with the Nobel Prize because probably she will throw a party. Obviously is not the one that loves books about absurd questions. This book teaches a lot about will power and the desire for self-improvement.

The last two books are waiting patiently to be read. They talk about two of our favourite places on Earth: the South of Spain and Venice. Getting to know the history of your favourite travel destinations is something that makes you see the cities, locals and culture from a different (and generally improved) point of view. These are not books to read in bed, though, imagine those huge volumes falling in your face when you finally fall asleep… auch!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this and I think if I ever get my hands on one of those books I would like to read them. Thanks for the recommendations!

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