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30 days of yoga

During a few years I practised Hatha Yoga. It was a quite strange time in my life and I suffered from insomnia. The real insomnia, though, the one that only lets you sleep two hours per night. The one that makes you feel miserable and scared during those terribly long hours that you are awake, alone in your bed. Yoga helped a lot. I really loved yoga, though I was terrible at the most physical part of it. The breathing control techniques were the ones that really helped me to achieve a calmer state of mind and, therefore, a better sleep.

Of course, once I felt better and my life got organized, I stopped doing yoga. The breathing techniques, however, stayed with me and have helped me over the years to go through nerve wracking situations, terrible physical and emotional pain and stress at work.

Somehow, at the end of 2016 I got back to yoga thanks to Adriene. It was a mix of factors: the horrible weather made the perspective of going to the gym just unthinkable, we both had been suffering from acute back pain (long hours at the office in front of the computer do that to you, as the most of us know), we were stressed and just feeling meh. Plus I LOVE YouTube. So we started the 30 days of Yoga with Adriene playlist. To be honest, we didn’t do 30 days straight. Some weeks it was every other day, some weeks we practised just during the weekends…  But the more videos we saw and tried, the more interested we were. The key was the philosophy of it: find what feels good. No stress, no pressure, we just went with it.

And four months later, we continue to show up on our mats almost every day. We even asked Santa for yoga blocks last Christmas! The videos are fun, easy and relaxed. Plus we are at home so we can be terrible and no one sees. We both have reduced our back pain, some of us have beautifully toned arms thanks to the practice some of us don’t because we are meatballs with legs, but we feel stronger anyway and that’s what matters. Our posture has improved significantly and we wait with anticipation for those 20 to 50 minutes on the mat at the end of our day.

So, I’d say that we’ve found our cup of tea in the crazy fitness world. And coming Spring we will combine our wonderful at home Yoga with Adriene lessons with a little bit of Spinning (if you want to know why we love spinning, here is why) because now there’s no way we are facing this terrible weather to go to the gym. If there’s no food involved, we won’t be out of the house in the afternoons.

Before finishing this post (thank you if you’ve read so far) I wanted to mention the Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide. We did it as we told you in this post, but once we finished the first round, we didn’t continue because deeply in our hearts we hated it. It is a great, strong workout but it is extremely hard. And instead of waiting for it with anticipation we dreaded it. And precisely that’s the reason why we continue doing yoga, because… surprise! It does feel good. However, Kayla Itsines taught us the importance of exercising on a daily basis, so we are happy that we did it. We will never try it again because #pain, but it made us think about an active life in new terms. And our new terms involve comfy clothing, bare feet, a fun online teacher and a smooth workout that finishes with a couple of glorious minutes lying on the floor doing nothing but breathing deeply.

Image via Gemma Correll

Edit: we are doing now Adriene’s Yoga Revolution series and it’s even better!!


  1. Lee Ann says

    Thank you for the lead to Adriene’s site! My work schedule doesn’t coordinate with the local Y’s schedule of yoga classes. I have missed yoga. I checked out Adriene’s “classes,” and I adore her attitude and her class. Today will be day 3 for me … I’m aiming to do 30 days in a row. I’m already feeling the stretch, so maybe once the weather is better, I’ll be ready to get back into running. (or maybe not? Ha!)

    • Isn’t she fantastic? Well, good luck with the 30 days in a row! It’s a great challenge. We felt the improvement in our back pain almost immediately (and sore arms too, buy hey, that meant we were working!) Let us know how it goes!

      • Lee Ann says

        Hello! Today will be day #11 of Yoga with Adriene, and I absolutely LOVE it … and Adriene! I adore her joy and attitude. She’s not too serious, but she makes me want to continue with the daily practice. I also really appreciate the “mix-up” of focus each day. Thank you again for including her link on this blog!

      • Hi Lee Ann!! That’s fantastic!!! We are doing now her yoga revolution series and it’s great. A little bit harder but it has a more emotional approach. It feels even better!

  2. I need to do some excercise in a daily basis and that sound great I’ ll give adriene a try. I do go to dance classes once a week I’ ve been doing it for years and I’ dreadful at it but love it and as you say it’ s important to find something you really long to do if you want to be constant!

    • We are quite lazy / busy and this workout fits perfectly with our lifestyle. besides, it doesn’t feel like a workout. It’s nice me time, so we are looking forward to it everyday!

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