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Only You Atocha, Madrid

Last Summer we had the pleasure to stay at the extremely beautiful Only You Boutique hotel in Madrid (read our review here). We really loved the service, the decor and the location, so when we found out that they were opening a new hotel in Madrid we were intriged and decided to book a couple of nights at Only You Atocha last December. Spoiler alert: it’s fantastic.


only_you_atocha_hotel_12 only_you_atocha_hotel_25

The style of both hotels is completely different yet the attention to detail is equally outstanding. Only You Boutique is sophisticated, calm and offers a flawless atmosphere, while Only You Atocha feels more masculine, cosmopolitan  and spirited. The vibe is clearly inspired in New York, in fact during this year they will open different pop-ups in the hotel (restaurants, cocktail bars etc) to bring the Big Apple closer to Madrid.


only_you_atocha_hotel_32 only_you_atocha_hotel_9

The big lobby is one of the things we loved the most: as soon as you enter the hotel you can feel the relax vibes and the lively (not noisy) character of the hotel. You will find the Trotamundos restaurant, a cocktail bar and a cute branch of the delicious Mama Framboise patisserie in the same space, making this lobby the perfect destination to meet friends at any moment of the day. Fun fact: there is an über cool barber shop in case the gentlemen like to smart up before their date arrives.

The decor is spot on: leather, tiles, wood… It feels manly, industrial, cosy, casual and a little bit rough.  Do you now that attractive photographer character that lives in a loft and it’s pictured in so many movies, magazines and editorials? Well, if he was a hotel, he would be this hotel.

only_you_atocha_hotel_1 only_you_atocha_hotel_2


The rooms are very cosy with tartan plaids, lots of wood and cool 60’s vibes prints. We stayed in one of their Deluxe rooms which overlooked the courtyard and we felt very comfortable. Sadly we didn’t have that much time in the room because when we visit Madrid we have more appointments that we can handle, but we slept very comfortably and we loved the room.



only_you_atocha_hotel_4The bathroom deserves its own paragraph. While the rooms have a very different decor, the bathrooms were very similar to those at the Only You Boutique, only with more modern touches and cool prints. Bathrooms at Only You Atocha are perfectly decorated and extremely functional with plenty of room for all your beauty products, makeup and whatnot. However we also had a gorgeous vanity table with a shiny Broadway dressing room mirror in the space between the bath and the room.

We didn’t order room service this time but we found out that they offer lots of options, including fun movie deals (nachos, popcorn, chocolates, drinks and two films of their Pay Per View system) which we imagine would be perfect after a day of exploiring! You can also order a fancy picnics to enjoy in the Retiro, Madrid’s more renowned park, which happens to be a few meters away from the hotel.



And let’s talk breakfast, our favourite meal of the day. While the Only You Boutique had a beautiful, curated menu with four different types of breakfast, here you will find an immense buffet choice. However, one of the best things of breakfast time at Only You Atocha are the incredible views. You can see almost the whole city waking up while you sip your Nespresso, eat delicious Donuts (yes, the Spanish version of doughnuts which is kind of plastic-y but absolutely delicious), drink a very healthy juice if that’s more your thing or nibble the best Spanish  ham (Which you totally should, even more if it’s on top of freshly baked bread, a tad of tomato preserve and extra virgin olive oil).

only_you_atocha_hotel_29 only_you_atocha_hotel_30 only_you_atocha_hotel_20 only_you_atocha_hotel_24

only_you_atocha_hotel_19 only_you_atocha_hotel_18

only_you_atocha_hotel_27 only_you_atocha_hotel_28

This hotel clearly makes an effort to be different. It brings to Madrid the coolest trends and pushes the boundaries of traditional hospitality. In the premises you can find a gym with its very own running club and Capitán Emo, a personal trainer which can help you to burn those delicious breakfasts. There is also the exclusive Beauty Room by Caroli Health Club, the hippest meeting rooms in Madrid and they will soon start a VER-mut space on weekends, where you will be able to enjoy a take on the traditional Madrid’s aperitif with the best live music.

only_you_atocha_hotel_33 only_you_atocha_hotel_10


To sum up: everything about this hotel is great. We didn’t think we would prefer it over the Only You Boutique because last Summer we fell in love with it, but the truth is that we do. In fact, we think we’ve found our home away from home in Madrid. We love the stunning decor, relaxed vibe and scrumptious breakfast. Besides the location, that for us is key, can’t be better: walking distance from our favourite areas of Madrid, perfectly  connected with the airport and just in front of the high speed train station, which comes in handy if you, like us, have to travel to another destination in Spain.

Both hotels are outstanding and unique and we can’t recommend them enogh. However, after staying in both of them… if we had to choose one, the Only You Atocha would be the winner!

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