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As we get older there is a colour that not only has inevitably appeared in our hair but also has become the star of our wardrobe: grey. In fact, we have noticed that lately all of our purchases have this colour in common. Grey is cosy, modern, understated and the best friend of navy, black and white. That’s why grey should be in your wardrobe too.

Looking for a camel coat last season we went across this beautiful wrap coat in Zara. I’ve used this almost as much as this bag, so it has been promoted to one of our best buys. I use it for working meetings with more formal attire but also on weekends with jeans and my beloved Stan Smiths. Sadly, it’s no longer available. Of course, Max Mara does the best grey (and camel) wrap coats (exhibit A und exhibit B) but you can also find some more affordable options like this one from Reiss, this beautiful JCrew trench wool coat, this tomboy-ish Mango number (on sale!) or this cocoon shaped COS coat (also on sale!)

Do we need another grey sweater? Probably not, but there is always space for a new warm, soft, grey sweater inside our drawers. We’ve mentioned our loved for COS knitwear before, but if you are looking for a grey sweater, you should probably look at their online shop first. What a selection! Mango offers a great choice as well and the prices are ridiculous. Two of the sweaters that are pictured above are on sale now under 10 Euros and under 15 Euros. Crazy. You can always invest in cashmere, for that we will recommend something really versatile like this round neck jumper by The Kooples.

A grey tee is always a must. But of course. Again, our love for these striped COS T-shirts has been documented around here a few times, but the grey and white version is one of the most wearable pieces of our closet. Another great option if you want a soft, cosy grey tee is the American Vintage Jacksonville Tee. In fact, you should consider having one of these in every colour. They are the best tees in the world.

Our accessories come also in grey. One of the best additions to our scarf collection has been this huge, wonderful, grey Weekend by Max Mara wool scarf. Unfortunately is not available any more, but I’m sure this classic version would be great too.  And since my friends know me too well, I got an elegant grey wallet for Christmas. I love it and it combines beautifully with all my bags because (all together right now!) grey is so versatile. You can find a similar one here (on sale!!).

And finally my only purchase during the sales: these cool, grey Adidas Gazelle, which I can’t wear right now because it’s freezing but I will wear on repeat during the next months. Right now, my Sorel boots keep my feet warm. Oh, by the way, they are grey too, of course.


    • My friends laught at me because I have different grey sweaters and they all look different to me, although for them they are all the same. But they are not! The gazelle are gorgeous and I’m so proud that I found them 30% reduced! Score!

  1. Trinity says

    Grey is a fabulous neutral, sophisticated base. My wardrobe became grey-centric when I had my beloved, long-haired grey cat, Pablo, for 12 years. Despite vigorous use of a lint roller, I’d get in the car and still find vestiges of his fine fur. So, it was easier to just wear more grey and the final bits wouldn’t show. In addition to pairing it with navy or black, I also love it with camel and cognac. I love all of your picks!

    • Well, I can’t think of a better reason to make grey the main colour of your wardrobe! Grey plus cognac is a great combination, in fact, I’d say it’s my favourite after white and grey :)

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