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Top gourmet moments 2016

This year we’ve had pretty amazing meals: we’ve gone back to our favourite restaurants, like Geist in Copenhagen or Vista in Portimao, we’ve discovered new places, like The Dogs in Edinburgh and we’ve cooked some remarkable recipes that are now on repeat in our kitchen. We love food so we can’t finish the year without a compilation of our favourite gourmet moments.

We started the year with the unbelievably good black kale with fried egg and sorrel at Geist, in Copenhagen. If you need a reason to visit Copenhagen in Winter, there you have it.



We discovered a great pizza place in London, Homeslice. Maybe our favourite pizza in London?  Perfect to share with friends and located in the heart of Neil’s Yard.

The whole menu at Vista restaurant deserves a visit to Portimao. Oh, and the cauliflower cream of the room service at Belavista Hotel (home to the Vista restaurant) is one of the best dishes we’ve ever eaten!


In July we devoured the best paella in the world at La Pepica, in Valencia. My grandfather used to love their paellas in the 20s and 30s. This establishment is an institution in Valencia and eating in their charming terrace overlooking the sea is  just wonderful.

And also in July and also in Spain, this time in Madrid though, we enjoyed the best vegetables that tasted like vegetables in the beautiful Nitty Gritty. A little off the beaten track, but well worth the taxi ride.

Back home in Bremen there are two gourmet moments that we wanted to mention: the incredible Mexican dinner at Issak’s Garden that we had the pleasure to attend last November and the cosy, bio and exquisite breakfasts at Café Heinrich. We are regulars now because the coffee is excellent, the food is delicious and the atmosphere can’t be calmer.


We still remember with nostalgia the marvellous lunch we had in The Dogs, Edinburgh. That pulled pork sandwich was a highlight of this year!

Sometimes easy does it, and this simple aperitivo in Mallorca was memorable. The sea breeze, the cold beer, the salty olives, the stunning views… Oh, it makes us long for Summer again!

We don’t want to forget the lovely breakfast we had with our friends at Dishoom in Shoreditch. Worth the queue, because that granola was outstanding!


One of our greatest moments this year was the quiet, relaxing and delicious Afternoon Tea we had at The Howard, in Edinburgh. It was perfect. And surrounded by tartan… lovely!

And speaking about afternoon snacks, we rediscovered Café Paris in Hamburg. We had visited it before and didn’t like it that much honestly, but this year we have spent great moments there sipping good coffee and eating mouthwatering cakes.

In August we visited Rome and although we didn’t have great meals during this short but sweet getaway, we had an amazing aperitivo at Roscioli. One of those moments when we felt sophisticated and glamourous… until I almost fell down from my stool because it was too high and I’m basically an Ewok and all the glamour disappeared.


Finally, back in our kitchen there are three recipes that we specially loved: this ridiculously easy bruschetta, this spicy squash soup and this decadent salted caramel chocolate brownies.

2016, you’ve been complicated but we did have our (gourmet) moments! Here’s to the lovely food we’ll eat in 2017!!!


  1. So I’m getting ready for a beach holiday in March and am (obviously) cutting right now and looking at these food items just made my mouth water. Now I’m contemplating if the hot bikini body is really worth the ‘pain’ or not…I’m between a rock and a hard place…

    The Pretty Lady

    • Oh well, for us is always delicious food over hot biniki body :) But let’s find a balance: yummy food + a little more exercise? Where are you going in March? We are looking for new destinations in 2017!

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