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Top travel moments 2016

The year is coming to an end and it’s time to look back. Instead of making a compilation of our trips this year, we wanted to revisit those special moments that we’ve experienced. Those instants, minutes or tiny lapses of time when we forgot everything else and felt truly happy. The feelings that are worth the trouble, the reasons why travel heals your soul…

The moment we entered our cosy apartment in Copenhagen after a whole day of exploring in January. That satisfaction of discovering new places and being awfully but happily tired with red, burning ears from the freezing wind.


The moment we saw the most wonderfully starry sky in Mallorca, which took us completely by surprise and made us remember, both with joy and sadness, those who were not with us anymore.

The moment we couldn’t stop laughing during our walk on the Thames Path with our friends after a wonderful brunch in a local cafe. We catched our breath, looked up and saw a wonderful view of the city on one side and our dearest friends with tears of laughter in their eyes on the other.


The moment we sat down on Praia de Boiao after a long walk under a light but persistent rain, when the sun  finally came out for a few minutes. The wet, velvety sand between our fingers, the ocean in front of us relaxing after a fight with the angry wind and, on the background, complete silence. The calm after the storm.

The peace of seeing Rome waking up in Via Margutta, the tiny sounds of the city that was half asleep, the expectation of a new day and the familiarity and peculiarity of coming back to a city that we visited almost a decade ago.


The solitude of a tiny cove in Mallorca, where we spent a couple of hours staring at the emerald green waters. No words needed, just smiles and big, deep breaths that made every problem disappear with every exhalation.

Those were our favourite travel moments of the year… And we can’t wait for more of those brilliant strokes of luck in the future!



    • Thank you Silvia! We are already planning a few getaways, though we always end up changing our plans! But the most important thing is enjoying the process!

    • We love it there! We discovered it because our frineds moved to the area, otherwise I doubt we would have found it! Usually when you are a tourist in London you stick to the city center and the most famous areas…. That’s why I still haven’t been to Hampstead! ;)

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