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My top five eye shadow palettes

There are two things I can’t get enough off: chocolate and eyeshadow palettes. Chocolate is all over the blog and over the last few years I’ve shared a few reviews of my favorite eyeshadow palettes in this space. I’m always a little bit ashamed of talking so enthusiastically about them, or make up in general for that matter, but surprisingly beauty posts always bring new followers to the blog. I guess I’ve heard so many times that liking makeup or fashion makes you automatically dumb, that the thought has got into my shead and I’m afraid of sharing my passion for lovely ranges of colors exposed beautifully in little, flat boxes. I tend to lose my personality sometimes, sorry.


There are people that go crazy about color palettes. There are blogs and websites completely dedicated to them! Every December there is a color of the year chosen among the Pantone. For me, eyeshadow palettes are wonderful Pantone displays that happen to look fantastic when applied to my lids (Though it depends on the amount of blending, OF COURSE).


So these are my top five palettes. I have a few more, but these are the top of the class. If I had to choose just one, that would be the Lorac Pro. It has a gorgeous selection of colors, mattes and shimmers and they blend beautifully, they stay put all day… well, they are perfect. That’s it. I made a full review here, in case you are interested. It’s a little bit difficult to find in Europe but it’s totally worth the effort. If this palette was a piece of garment, it would be a perfect pair of black trousers: versatile, great to dress up or dress down and always on trend. (See? I’ve mixed makeup and fashion in this sentence and I’m already feeling a few neurons saying goodbye to my brain. But I’m a feminist! I can talk about this loud and proud! Can’t I?)


The Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay is a great value for money (Full review here). It has lots of shimmery shades, though, so if you don’t like shimmer, it’s not for you. However, it’s fantastic to create evening or party looks that feel neutral and understated. It’s my occasion palette! But beware! You will need a primer.

And let’s move to working looks: the Montaigne Dior Palette and this Clarins quad (sadly discontinued but similar here) are all I wear on a daily basis. The Dior palette is THE BEST for no- makeup makeup looks, since it is matte and the shades are really subtle. I’ve talked about it before, obviously, but I can’t talk about it again. If you want to look natural, but still put together, efficient and businesslike, buy it. And the Clarins quad is for those days when I need to feel the best version of myself. As opposed to the Dior palette, this has more shimmer in it and is more pigmented. It makes beautiful, mauve/pink/brown, elegant smoky eyes.



And finally my last purchase. The Chanel Candeur et Experience Quad is the perfect Autumn palette that I will use all year long. The eyeshadows are buttery and can’t be more flattering. The warmest of the palettes. The light camel shade is amazing to wear on its own, you don’t need to apply any more shades for a great look. And those shades look incredible with every eye color.


Those are my top five eyeshadows palettes. I know they are all neutral but those are the shades that I find more wearable and flattering. I have other eyeshadow palettes on my wish list, like this one and this one and Christmas is coming so… I know I don’t need them, but I just love me some lovely ranges of colors exposed beautifully in little, flat boxes!


  1. I really enjoyed this post ;-)
    I do have the clarins palette and although I like it I’m not really shimmery but the chanel ones seems perfect for me (big fan of Chanel packaging wich is always a plus). Lately I’m more into cream eyeshadows and I’m longing to use the mauve colour of rms beauty (my last cosmetic brand crush).

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