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Winter uniform

How do you dress for Winter? No, I’m not talking about lovely layering, adorable beanies and ankles au naturel kind of Winter. I’m talking about real Winter: when frozen wind burns (yes, like the sun would do) your cheeks, when your neck and back hurt because you are permanently shrinking and cringing, when the mere thought of going out makes you shiver, when your nose hurts every time you breathe and your breath turns into small drops that inevitably pour into your scarf and quickly turn into little dots of frost that decorate said scarf and make your breathing hurt your nose even more. That dreadful vicious circle…

We’ve been suffering those Winters since 2011. And therefore we’ve developed a method, a uniform:  knit + trousers + coat + boots. Always. Every day. Of course, under all that we wear thermal tees and socks. And on top of all that we wear a good hat and a warm scarf.

Our favourite knits are from COS. You don’t want very big sweaters, otherwise you’d feel very uncomfortable under your coat.  Wood mixed with cotton is what works best for us, because you can wash it as much as you want and the fabric isn’t itchy. You want something warm but not overly so because you don’t want to creat a sauna under your coat. Basically, you want something that resembles lounge wear.

Trousers: that’s the most difficult part. Jeans are comfotable, but you have to wear thermal tights underneath. And there is one characteristic that is wital: high waist. Oh the joys of a warm lumbar region with a thermal tee perfectly tucked in! The other option is black thermal leggins. Too sporty? Nah! Thank God for athleisure…

If we have survived these Winters there is a brand to thank for: Wellensteyn. They used to be in charge of the working gear for the employees of the Hamburg harbour and then they expanded and created a line of really, really, really warm coats. We have the Darling Parka and the Zermatt Lang Parka. Being inside those coats is like being in a delicious bubble that leaves all uncomfortable feelings like cold and dampness outside. You can wash them in your washing machine (just don’t use fabric softener) and they simply stay in perfect condition no matter what. The shop assistant that helped us choose our coats told us that we would buy new coats because we will be tired of wearing the same ones over and over again, but they will be as good as new forever. And after five years I can claim, assure and promise you that is true. However, I’m still not tired of my Zermatt Lang Parka. It’s my best friend. I love her and need her and treasure her dearly.

And last, but not least: boots. There’s no point on wearing anything but boots. For a more formal attire, we trust in Marc O’Polo chelsea boots. They come up with new models every year and they are always sturdy elegant, comfortable, impermeable and really warm. When snow comes, then our Sorel boots are the only footwear we wear. We have the Winter Carnival boots and the Tivoli boots. They are not the most fashionable items in our wardrobes but when Winter comes… you have to do what you have to do. And we always choose comfort over… well over everything else.

So that’s our Winter uniform. What’s yours? Any tips to fight low temperatures? (Apart from moving to another country. Belive me, we’ve tried.)

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  1. Ihr seid die Mädels, die aus Spanien nach Bremen gezogen sind, oder? Da kann ich mir vorstellen, dass das ein ziemlicher Kälteschock im Winter sein muss! Also Thermo-Strumpfhosen unter der Jeans trage ich nicht, an den Beinen macht mir die Kälte nicht so viel aus, aber ein dicker Parka oder Daunenmantel ist ein Muss, wenn es richtig kalt ist. Auch wenn die oft nicht besonders chic sind… Mein bester Tipp wäre wohl, sich soviel wie möglich drinnen aufzuhalten und viel Kaffee und Tee zu trinken.

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