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Stop the glorification of busy

A few years ago I read this post, which led me to this article, which changed my approach to life completely. When I read it I was recently promoted, in a new country with all the mess that moving to another country implies, this online space was born… I was really busy. But, was I?

Deep down we all think that being super busy is super cool. It’s like when we complain/ brag about being in a worst situation than the person we are talking to. Somehow we’ve made suffering cool. With my catholic background is something understandable: that guilt that the nuns teached us at school sticks with us for the rest of our lives. But how is that possible in today’s society? We are the most hedonistic generations. Wellness is the new religion, but still the fact that we don’t have enought time is something we are even proud of.  Isn’t it absurd?

Since I read that article I’ve tried to give priority to what is really important (Instead of saying “I don’t have time” try saying “it’s not a priority”. Most of the things you’ll say afterwards will feel weird), but the big change happened when I stopped giving such an importance to all I did. Let me explain: instead of thinking “I have this huge responsability at work and therefore I have to make thousands of things”, I started thinking: “ok, I work in an office, all I have to do is send a few E-mails and make a few calls and then grab a cup of coffe if I have time”. Most of the stress disappeared. As if by magic. Well, I’m still anxiety girl, but it helped a lot. A lot.

Simplifying is the key. Not only to be better at work, though it does help (I wrote an article about it here, in case you are interested), but also to live with less worries and stress. And that is what is truly cool. Being able to sleep at night is cool. Not having panic attacks is cool. Health is cool. Living at ease is cool. And remember: your family and friends care about you, not your boss. So who deserves your time and attention the most?

I will never be able to live a contemplative life because #anxietygirl, but at least I try to be realistic, pragmatic and place my feet firmly on the ground. Because everytime I complain/ brag about how busy I am I force myself to really think about it: am I that busy? Most times the answer is: not really. I have just a few tasks to do and if I want I can have time to those things that really matter. So let’s make ourselves a favour: let’s stop the glorification of busy and let’s make time for that medical check-up, that long overdue phone call, that book waiting to be read or  whatever it is that will make you a little bit healthier and happier.

“Once she stopped rushing through life,
she was amazed how much more life she had time for”


  1. Tetecita says

    It’s all about perspective, giving ourselves permission to set our own properties, which may not necessarily coincide with society’s. I struggle with this and with anxiety, too. Little by little. Thank you for this excellent reminder.

    • My point exactly! The mind is really powerful: if you think positive and stay relaxed, things don’t seem so overwhelming. It’s quite difficult to think positive and stay relaxed, though! :) In any case, we have to try!

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s kind of personal mission of mine at the moment to make busy uncool, or at least the default. More here is you are interested –

    One thing I struggle with is that I do like to have my fingers in lots of pies – the challenge of doing a lot without being “busy”. I haven’t cracked it but I have definitely improved my approach to this. You are so right, it really does start with the mind. I now have a few solid techniques for thinking (and feeling) slow when I am “busy”.

    • I love what you say: being busy doesn’t mean you are successful or important! I try to make time for a little bit of yoga (that really helps), baking and reading. Those are the things that help me realx and put perspective.

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