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How to avoid wrinkles

Don’t laugh, don’t cry, don’t sleep without silk pillows, don’t move, don’t live. Actually, this post should be entitled: how to avoid wrinkles without looking  like a wax sculpture.

But if you want to laugh, cry, sleep, move and, well… live! you should look for a nice cream that will keep your skin moisturised. It’s not going to be miraculous (none of them are) but it’s going to help. I once heard a dermatologist say: no matter how big or tiny your budget is, you should look for the best cream you can afford. Clean your skin and apply said cream every day. Basically that’s what we’ve been doing since we were eighteen. Clean and moisturise every single day.

During the last few years, however, we’ve added some new products to help us in the dewy, jewy, toned skin department. We’ve also added a quick and easy routine at night. It’s something that feels good, the famous me time. It’s a cliché but it does help us relax and unwind. Lately we’ve been loving this duo for those mornings and nights of skincare: the Multi -Activ Jour and the Multi-Activ Nuit by Clarins. Both are plant based, light, fresh, smell incredible and  don’t feel sticky. Who likes stickiness on her face? And since our skin goes dry when the temperatures drop (heating, wind that cuts your cheeks, work sucking the life our of us…)  we use the normal to dry skin cream at night. It feels even better, more soothing and rich.

Of course, you have to drink plenty of water, sleep 8 hours every day, eat your veggies, hate sugar, avoid sun like a vampire, never NEVER drink alcohol… you know, all the things that magazines/ beauty gurus repeat over and over again. Well, they are right. But sometimes genetics play an important role too. If your mum has a great skin, chances are your skin is going to be great too. And if her skind doesn’t look that nice… well, grab your cream and never leave it. Anyway, if nothing works, blame genetics. That’s hat we always do…

PD: Clarins hasn’t sponsored this or the last ten thousand posts featuring their products. It’s just that I’m a total addict and I make everyone around me buy their products.


      • I love your recommendations, Clarins offers great products for people of any age, and I think this cream is just fine for me too ☺

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