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The book that you need to read

Airport layovers are the best moments to buy makeup, magazines and books. A few years ago we discovered this little bookshop in Frankfurt’s airport and it has become a mandatory stop everytime we change flights in Frankfurt. It mostly sells paperbacks and pocket editions but over the years we’ve found very interesting books there. It has a very compelling selection, from bestsellers to independent authors.  Last August we stopped in Frankfurt on our way to Rome and I bough this book: Prisioners of geography, by Tim Marshall. I’ve already read it twice. It’s brilliant. Jaw-dropping. Eye-opening. It has made me understand so many things about current politics that now I recommend it to everyone. I even took notes while reading!

The main theme is geopolitics, which is absolutely fascinating, but it covers international civil and military affairs, it explains some of the most intricate conflicts in such a clear yet meticulous way that you will be exclaiming ooohhs!, aaahhs! and whaaaaats? all the time. If you like history and geopolitics, you’ll love this book. And if you don’t but you want to know more about the world you’re living in (which you should) but you find it difficult to keep up with the news and history books you definitely want to buy this book.

I believe one of the most surprising aspects of the book is that the author, Tim Marshall, a British journalist specialised in international diplomacy, doesn’t express any kid of bias for or against any country, culture or religion. He just presents facts (geography is geography and you can’t change that) and describes the outcomes and consequences of historical decisions, ideological movements and political intricacies. It’s such an absorbing book! Besides it will give you impressive facts to mention nonchalantly at any dinner party that will make you look super smart and it will help you to impress that annoying old colleague with a brainy  Facebook update.  You really need to read this book… if only for that!



  1. I rarely read a book twice, so that is indeed a recommendation. And if it makes me sound smart at dinner parties, then it’s a bonus! I’ll look it up.

    • It’s really interesting. I was surprised by so many facts and there were things I never thought about that now that I’ve read this book seem so obvious… The truth is that we barely know the world we are living in!

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