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Postcards from Rome

It’s been a month since we visited Rome but it feels like a year. September has been hectic to say the least but we finally get to share some pictures of our very own Roman Holidays. Maybe we inspire you to plan a getaway to the wonderful Eternal City? Its beautiful ochre façades will sure be the best background for the golden Autumn sun.

rome_postcards_21 rome_postcards_15 rome_postcards_24 rome_postcards_14

We spent a short weekend in Rome with friends, so it was more about enjoying our time together than exploring the city. That’s why we took it slowly…. but we did squeeze in some sightseeing, aperitivi and dolce vita in our schedule. Rome, with it’s hoards of tourists and its impressive history is better if you take a detour and look for the hidden cobblestone alleys, wake up early and go for late night gelato runs.

rome_postcards_23 rome_postcards_35 rome_postcards_13 rome_postcards_29

The highlights of our weekend were the quiet early morning breakfasts in the tiny café located just under our apartment, the views from the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, the very refreshing aperitivo at Roscioli, the fun, lively atmosphere at Trastevere on Saturday night and the incredible ice cream at Giolitti.

rome_postcards_1 rome_postcards_22

rome_postcards_16 rome_postcards_6 rome_postcards_2 rome_postcards_5

The downsides? The suffocating heat wave, the tourists that get the city awfully dirty and the unbelievable deteroration of Campo dei Fiori, which used to be my favourite area of Rome and now is just a tourist trap. But, somehow, the city manages to impose its greatness and continues to be an enchantig metropolis that offers a thousand diffferent sides.

rome_postcards_7 rome_postcards_18 rome_postcards_28 rome_postcards_9 rome_postcards_17 rome_postcards_3 
Of course, we can’t forget the delightful, calm, walks by the river at dusk that inevitably ended with a gelato in hand and a romantic visit to the unique and exceptional Fontana di Trevi. We threw a couple of coins to the fountain because as one old men told me once: I have an unfinished love story with Rome…

rome_postcards_10 rome_postcards_12 rome_postcards_31 rome_postcards_11 rome_postcards_26


  1. Ooh, this brings back memories of the 6 days we spent exploring Rome slowly. That’s right, the eternal city is not to be rushed! Take a stroll and not a walk, take time to engage not just photos. Love the post!

  2. Gabriella says

    I have never been to Italy, but I am planning on taking my mom there in the next couple of years. Your photos are lovely!

    • Thank you, Gabriella! Italy is a great destination for a mum-daughter getaway! In fact, I took my mum a few years back. There’s plenty to see, wonderful restaurants and amazing shops. I’m sure you both will love it! I hope some of the places we mention in our posts are helpful to plan your visit!

  3. Lee Ann says

    Do I spy my favorite aperitif when I’m in Italy … an Aperol spritz? Ah, the taste of summer! I’m ready to head back. Our June days in Florence seem ages ago already! Thank you for these beautiful photos on what is a rainy, dreary day on the East coast of the US. Happy Weekend!

    • Yes!!! What is a trip to Italy without an Aperol Spritz?? 😉 Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. It never ceases to amaze me that someone reads our posts in the other part of the world!!! Have a great weekend!!!

    • Thank you! We would love to come back to try those restaurants you recommended… Unfortunately this wasn’t a gourmet weekend, but we did have a great time!

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