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The best coffee in Hamburg

With that beautiful faded light in the mornings and the first orange leaves in the trees, Autumn is slowly but surely making its way into our lives. Since this year we’ve had a few days of Summer with proper high temperatures and crazy humidity, we are looking forward to the new season, which by the way has always been my favourite.

It’s the best time of the year for that slow life we love so much: candles, blankets, crispy air, rosy cheeks and afternoons in lovely cafes sipping warm, comforting lattes. We happen to live near one of the best cities to sip coffee: Hamburg. With its huge port, its lovely classic city center, the most amazing shops and that cold North Sea air that blows strongly, Hamburg is our favourite destination for a Saturday of shopping and coffee. Here you have our favourite coffee addict addresses:

Coffee Table Mags (Wexstraße 28): we discovered this place on Instagram, because the owner posts the most beautiful images: wooden tables, unique magazines and coffee, that is, heaven.

Erste Liebe Bar (Michaelisbrücke 3): minimalist decor, photography exhibitions and coffee with homemade Marmorkuchen and cheesecake. You can also have breakfast or grab something to eat for lunch.

Tornqvist Hamburg: a coffe van inspired by the Scandinavian coffee culture that you will find in the Hafencity
 Food Lovers Market on Tuesdays, in the Schulterblatt 
Öko-Markt on Thursdays and in the Eppendorf
 Öko-Markt on Saturdays. Bonus: there you have three lovely markets to visit in Hamburg!

Balz und Balz (Lehmweg 6): This little cafe with a charming blue door is owned by two coffee lover siblings. Here you can also enjoy upgraded versions of the oh so German belegte Brötchen.

Stockholm expresso club (Peter-Marquard-Straße 8): another Scandi style coffee spot (notice that here coffee culture looks always North and not South to Italy in search of inspiration). It also has an amazing shop where you can buy coffee, obviously, but also craft beer anc cool black tees. So, so hipster!

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More coffee porn in our Coffee Pinterest board!


  1. I’m so happy I discovered your blog! I love the layout and content! Well done ladies. ♥ aaaand as for coffee in Hamburg- I’ll be sure to re-read this post should I ever find myself visiting!!

    xo, Heather

  2. Firstly, I love that photo, I can almost smell the coffee through it! Secondly, you’re very right about Autumn it really is a time to slow down and cosy up. I’ve just come back from a holiday overseas where it’s Autumn but have come back to Spring – my body is a bit confused.

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