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Chanel Le Rouge Collection : Candeur et experience

So Autumn is here and it’s time to revisit the usual suspects: tartan, berry lips, pumpkin lattes and velvet. I love the crispy air and the traditions that come with it, so I can’t be more excited.
However, this year Autumn brings something new beautywise, Le Rouge Collection by Chanel. And what did I pick from the whole collection? An eyeshadow quad, of course. The beautiful Candeur et experience multi effect quadra eyeshadow. After reading lots of reviews I decided to buy it but obviously it wasn’t that easy. Finally I did find it during a short layover in Amsterdam Schiphol airport (one day we’ll have to talk about the correlation between the number of layovers per year and the number of beauty products bought per year). Hurrah! It was mine! All I had to do was wait until any occasion to wear red, brown, warm eyes. I didn’t find it because the weather has been quite nice, oddly enough, and I ‘m trying to make the most of the sun and the Summer colours (Im’ wearing bright pink nails right now because YOLO) but I tested it anyway. Before testing it we took these pictures, of course. Nowadays we always take pictures first: before eating, before flying, before even looking at something. Anyway… this quad contains three shades of brown and a warm red with matte finishes. It is inspired by threads of Chanel tweed, so this means this is as close as I will get to owning a Chanel tweed.

The formula is quite rich and pigmented so a little bit goes a long way. You can do a sultry smoky eye or just a nice autumnal subtle look, it is pretty versatile. I found it blended nicely but not very easily (If you have the Lorac Pro Palette, you know what perfect, easy blending means) so you will need nice brushes, the ones that come in the quad are not very useful, they are so tiny! Going back to versatility: I think the warm brown shadows can double as brow products and even light countour! The red shade is gorgeous and, even though it can seem a difficult colour, it does look beautiful with brown eyes and I can imagine it will do wonders with green eyes. However, I don’t recommend using it for your under eyes, stick to the upper lid only unless you want something very editorial. If I come to the office with a smoky red eye they will send me back home, so lucky you if you have a place to go where you can wear a smoky red eye. Then experiment!
As you can see I can talk about eyeshadows for hours, but I’m going to stop here. It’s Monday and probably you’ll have enough. Back to coffee and hard work now…


  1. What a beautiful palette. I don’t know about the red. I’m not that skilled at eye makeup and might look like I’ve got a swollen eyelid! But it sounds luscious.

    • It’s easier than it looks. And you can always used the red shade to dab a little bit of colour in the center of the eyelid with your finger…

    • Glad to know! It’s my favourite piece of makeup! Lipstick is fine, but I can’t bother to reapply, I don’t really wear foundation (CC cream for me is enough), blush is always pink-ish… Eyeshadow is were the fun is at!

    • The formua is wonderful, right? I thought that after buying that palette I would never buy an eyeshadow again but, here I am… I guess I have a thing with eyeshadows… :)

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