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Summer – Autumn transition with Pretty Ballerinas

In this corner of the world we really have a very short window of time to wear anything but boots. However, this year’s crazy weather -which by the way makes me really worried about global warming- has allowed us to put on hold our Chelsea boots / snow boots / wellies and enjoy a wonderful shoe stravaganza. 



At the moment we are enjoying a sweet Indian Summer, though last week it poured and we were tempted to light candles and wear coats. This variable situation is frightening (again, global warming. I fear for Venice) and peculiar,  but has it perks. I can wear my Summer Pretty Ballerinas one day and my Autumn Pretty Ballerinas the other. What’s that compared to global warming, huh?

I bought both pairs during my holidays in Spain. Same but different. The striped ballerinas were significantly reduced (sales! yay!) so I couldn’t leave them behind. I knew I wasn’t going to wear them a lot here in Germany, but since they are so classic and timeless I knew they were a good buy bacause they could be my go to shoe for all the Summers to come. Besides, sales.

But then my mum, who is a terrible enabler, saw the other pair. They were not on sale, obviously. So Chanel-esque, so petite, so pretty. They are called Pretty Ballerinas for a reason. And I could see myself changing my boots for these shoes in my Autumn / Winter work events. And I mean that literally because I usually walk to work, so that means wearing boots and changing to more ladylike shoes in the office / venues.


Both have a small block heel which, in my opinion, makes them very elegant yet a little granny style but hey, that’s cool nowadays, no? And, the most important thing, I can walk in them. Even run a little, which comes in handy for those work related events.

I know they are good buys because they are comfortable, classic and timeless. Beautiful and practical. And they have little, soft rope bows. And stripes. And patent leather toecaps. And a little bit of velvet.  Good, good buys. Get them here.



  1. I am the biggest fan or ballerinas. I wear them till they completely fall apart and then I’m disappointed that I can’t replace them exactly.

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