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Our favourite magazines

If there is something that you will always see in our home is a bunch of magazines spread all over. We are subscribed to a bunch of them and we always buy loads in airports, train stations or local stores. They are our faithful companions during flights, Saturday afternoons at home and, of course, vacations.

Our love for magazines started a long ago. I think I’ve been subscribed to Elle (Spanish edition) for more than 15 years. While it’s not my first choice anymore when I grab a copy from one of our several magazine racks, I just can’t unsubscribe… I’m emotionally attached to it! Though my first obsession was Ragazza, a Spanish publication that filled my high school and first University years with the most fashionable trends and not so healthy diet advice. Those were the times when the concept politically incorrect didn’t exist, supermodels run the world and lycra and chockers constrained our bodies. By the way, I can’t believe chockers are back in fashion. Dazed and Confused was a magazine that we used to enjoy together during the first years of our relationship when we wanted to be cool in each others eyes. We really were dazed and confused about our personalities and about life in general…

Our tastes have changed since then but we are always on the lookout for new, interesting magazines. However, we are faithfully subscribed to two of them: Conde Nast Traveller (UK edition) and Harper’s Bazaar (Spanish edition).  The first one is our travel bible and has the best photography in the industry. We are always so inspired by it. Every second Saturday of the month it appears in our mail box – the joys of subscriptions – and we study it from cover to cover. In fact I’m writing this after spending a nice couple of hours absorbed by the last number, which arrived this morning and therefore didn’t make it to the picture that illustrates this post.

Harper’s Bazaar is our latest discovery. We’ve been subscribed for over a year now and we love the sensational articles, the sophisticated gossip and the brilliant fashion editorials that fill its pages. Sometimes it features lovely short stories by talented writers that we really enjoy. And the covers are pretty spectacular.

Other magazines that we usually buy are Forbes Spain, Instyle Germany and British Vogue. Each one is different and serves its own purpose. Forbes is great to discover the world of finance and politics and has a wonderful masculine fashion editorials that we try to adapt to our wardrobes. Instyle Germany is the only German magazine we buy and it’s fantastic for long hours at the hair salon and British Vogue is the best option for lonely flights. The September issue was great company in my latest Madrid – Amsterdam solo flight.

I’ll be flying solo again in a couple of weeks, any recommendations?


  1. My favorite magazines are Gardenia and Bell’Italia. Do you know them? Bell’Italia is also available abroad, I ‘ve seen it at German airports and also in Vienna.

    • I’ve just seen this comment! Sorry for not answering before! I haven’t seen Red in any newstand here or in Spain… At the end of the month we are going to the UK so I’ll buy it!

  2. Mary B says

    I love the Porter magazine from the creators of Net-a-Porter, its expensive but awesome since it also talks about culture and not only fashion. Harpes Bazaar I think contains too little writing. Im obsessed with Spanish Vogue for the amazing phoyography and British Grazia for the fashion gossip:) /Mary

    • I bought the first Porter issue and didn’t like it so much, but I might give it another try! Harpers Bazaar Spain, the one we love, actually does have a very interesting content and writing… Maybe other countries’ editions are different…

      • Mary B says

        Maybe Ive only read the British and American Harpes, and was a bit disappointed..might get the Spanish version now, though my Spanish isnt too good:( Try Porter again they usually have great articles and very inspiring photography:)

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