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A slow-paced morning in Rome

Our way of travel has significantly changed in the last few years. While we were all about crossing momuments, experiences, restaurants and places of interest off our lists, we now prefer to take things easy and savour every moment, giving real importance to little things. This new approach to travel has had a big impact on us. It changes all the planning, it helps us to overcome the fear of missing out and, more importantly, it has made us live very special moments that otherwise we would have ignored.  And sometimes, only sometimes, we even improvise!


Now we always get up very early on our last day abroad, enjoy a nice breakfast and wander through the empty streets. Before, we would have made the most of the hotel breakfast/room until noon to head straight to the airport afterwards. Now those last moments of the trip are the most special.



During our last getaway to Rome, we decided to reserve the last morning to spend a few moments of solitude and picture taking at Via Margutta. This little street full of galleries is our favourite spot in Rome: it’s quiet, it has amazing hidden gardens and has the most charming atmosphere, even more accentuated in the early hours of a Sunday morning after a fragrant capuccino and a sweet, flaky cornetto.




You might remember this beautiful street from the film Roman Holiday or it might sound familiar because it’s mentioned in the famous song Arrivederci Roma. It’s the epitome of the Roman cobbled street and it has breathed and lived art during centuries. Giulietta Masina, Federico Fellini, Renato Guttuso, or Truman Capote lived in this tiny street; Debussy, Liszt and Wagner played their music in the studios that were located in Via Margutta, which also happened to be Pier Paolo Pasolini’s inspiration.





We might not visit all the exhibitions, see all the sights or eat all the typical food, but we sure discover new aspects of the cities we visit and of ourselves. Because that is the real meaning of travelling for us: the best way to discover yourself, far from everyday obligations and open to dreams. Who hasn’t thought about the possibility of moving to a new place in that “fall in love” moment with a new landscape / architecture/ tiny street when you feel that everything is possible?



  1. Everything looks so beatiful and I know now that we definetly have to go to Rome!
    But I guess we can’t move to every place we fall in love with … although I had the feeling of wanting to do it countless times!

    • Well, for me Venice, London and Copenhagen were the most “I’m just going to move here” cities I’ve visited. But these tiny streets in Rome… so beautiful!

      • Only been to London and Copenhagen and I can agree, thoses cities are so beautiful. For us the city to move to is Bristol!

  2. Such delightful pictures. I like your idea of having a lovely breakfast and walking around on the last day, instead of ticking off have-to-see monuments.

    • It has changed a lot!! Sadly, some parts of the city are not that charming anymore… But it keeps its beautiful, oh so Italian allure. We will be sharing more post about our trip in the following days. And we stayed in the most gorgeous Airbnb…. so stay tuned ;)

  3. I’m so glad you got to visit Rome in a different way! I’m been advocating Slow travel and I love that you got to experience the beauty of this magical city without doing the usual touristic things. Greetings from Rome :)

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