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THE bag

Last December I decided to profit the Black Friday sales and bought this bag. THE bag.

To be honest I was after the famous Mansur Gavriel bucket bag but… waiting lists? I couldn’t be bothered. So when I found this beautiful lookalike for a fraction of the price I was intrigued. And when the Black Friday sales popped into my inbox, I gave in.

Since then I’ve been wearing it every single day and I love it so much that it has become THE bag for me. What are you wearing? THE bag. Where is the receipt? In THE bag. What will you save if your house was on fire? THE bag. Everyone knows which bag I’m refering to.


Perfect for work, travel or leisure, it looks great with almost any outfit (when paired with my white Stan Smith I feel like a cool Nordic girl), you can fit your life inside, it has a removable pouch to carry your valuables,  a cute front pocket for your business cards / old receipts / strange papers that you keep in your purse without reason, the leather is incredibly smooth but has remained unscratched in spite of the hard life that I’ve given to it… The lists of  pros is enless. It’s just the best value for your money.

So if you are thinking about buying a nice bag that can put up with your everyday, normal, crazy, busy, realistic life, a life in which you take luchboxes to work, bags need to be left in the floor of cafes, planes and even hospitals, a life in which you can’t change your bag everyday because you decide what to wear five minutes before heading out of the door and you are mostly late… then  I can’t recommend the Lancaster Large Bucket bag enough. There are 18 diferent colours and even though I can’t be happier with the hazelnut shade I chose, I  have my eyes on the nude version with navy interior and the burgundy one, which would be great for Autumn, don’t you think?


  1. I wanted to buy the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag in dark green but like you said, I couldn’t be bothered with the waiting list. So thank you for writing about this wonderful brand: I’ve just seen on their website that they have so many different styles to choose from!

    • I really don’t know if the quality of the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag is worth of the waiting time and price, it probably is. But I can assure you that this bag is outstanding: the quality is fantastic, the cost per wear has been ridiculous in my case (I don’t lie when I say I’ve wore it every day) and you can choose from 18 colours! I really recommend it. Besides I think the price point is more than convenient.

    • I bought the PUR SMOOTH LARGE BUCKET BAG in HAZEL BROWN. The leather is really soft but it stays put, if that makes sense. Since it has that front pocket it makes it more structured.

    • I used to identify bucket bags with my mum. I remember she would pick me up after school with her navy leather bucket bag. It was her everyday bag too!

    • Indeed! Though after writing this post all I can think about is that burgundy bag I talk about at the end. Have you seen it? Oh, so pretty!

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