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Summer colours

Summer, we refuse to say goodbye. Even though we have already turned on the heating a couple of times during the last week and we’ve started pinning idilic images in our Autumn board, we can’t let go of you. 

How do we keep things Summery? Adding peaches to all our meals (this peach and chicken salad is delicious!), having hydrangeas at home, wrapping up with striped sweaters  and painting our nails in these vibrant colours that we’ve been wearing on repeat during our holidays.

The raspberry red with coral hues Too too hot was my colour of choice this Summer. Great on my toes and perfect to bright up the sandal game, it made my hands look longer and elegant and that’s something because my hands are tiny and on the chubby side.

THE fuchsia. To our surprise Peach Daiquiri has been P’s favourite for the Summer. Bearing in mind that she doesn’t like to paint her nails, it was quite a statement. Really, really pretty, it looks fantastic with a bit of a tan.

So before dusting all the burgundies, deep reds and the occasional navy or green (wait, what?) that will embellish our hands once the leaves start falling, we will be wearing these bright colours a little bit more. Who knows? Maybe we can enjoy an odd Indian Summer later on this September… Hope is the last thing to die, no?


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