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One more salad before Summer ends

Is there anything better than a fresh salad in Summer? Now that we are saying goodbye to easy lunches al fresco, family gatherings and quiet afternoons in our balcony, we feel it’s the right moment to share another recipe for a quick, easy salad that could be perfect during these last days of sunshine.

Tuna_and_Beans_Salad_5When we say this is an easy recipe, we mean it. We found it in this book, one of our favourite when it comes to quick lunches or dinners. We can’t recommend it enough if you don’t like intricate preparations and if you get hangry easily.

For our take on this tuna and beans salad, you’ll need (serves 2):

2 shallots, chopped
The juice of one lemon
400 grams white beans (one can)
75 to 100 gr. can tuna (we bring our can tuna from Spain, together with our extra virgin olive oil and Iberian ham… Inmigrant style. Our favourite can tuna brand is Albo)
Extra virgin olive oil
A couple of pinches of fresh parsley, chopped


Tuna_and_Beans_Salad_1First combine the chopped shallots with the lemon juice in a small bowl. Let it steep.
Drain the beans and rinse them.
Drain the tuna.
Mix the beans and the tuna in your serving plate.
It’s time for the dressing: add extra virgin olive oil to the chopped shallots (a couple of tablespoons should be enough, but it depends and how citric you like your dressing. More olive oil, less citric obviously) and whisk until you have a vinaigrette kind of texture. Season with pepper. Whisk again.
Pour the dressing over the tuna and bean salad and mix. Scatter the fresh parsley.

Tuna_and_Beans_Salad_7This should take no more than five minutes, so it’s even better than fixing a sandwich!We don’t like to add it salt because the can tuna is normally very high in sodium and we like our arteries to be as healthy as possible. Besides: Summer liquid retention. Need I say more?Tuna_and_Beans_Salad_6


You can double the ingredients to make larger portions and have it as a complete meal, or follow this recipe and have it as a side dish. You can also use this as a base and add some chopped tomatoes, red peppers, or rocket to create your own recipe. One last tip: pour a little bit of white vinegar to the dressing to make it extra sour. It’s up to you! Endless options!



    • Then this is perfect for you! We also struggle with dinners after long work days… That’s why we are always looking for super easy recipes!

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