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Who doesn’t love dainty jewellery? After a few years loving statement necklaces, we went to the opposite direction. Isn’t that something frequent when it comes to trends? Now all we wear are tiny, delicate pieces that are perfect for our daily routine.  

That’s why we couldn’t help but notice this little, elegant shop close to the hotel we were staying at during our last trip to Madrid.  We passed by several times, admired the window and loved the design, concept and decoration of the store.  And, of course, during our last day, just a couple of hours before our trains departed, we gave in and finally entered to discover this brand, Apodemia, completely new to us but already quite popular in Madrid as we found out later.

The collections are really elegant, extremely feminine and refined. Do you know all those dainty rings, earrings and necklaces you see on magazines but you never find in real life? Well, that’s Apodemia. We loved every single piece in the shop.  We tried different rings, bracelets and even necklaces, but we finally went for the Humpback chain bracelet, a timeless piece that we knew we could wear every day, partly because of their patented gold plate, which guarantees the highest plating quality. The shop assistant told us that we could shower, wear the bracelets to the gym… that patented gold plate will keep the pieces in perfect condition. And if something happens, you can take it back during the first year after your purchase and they will sort it out for you.


To be honest, I left my heart with this necklace so I might have to order it online because, that’s the good news: you can purchase it on line, with free shipping on orders over 50 €. Maybe you like this rose gold ring? This ear cuff if you are feeling a bit edgy? Or these earrings for a special day?  They even have the most delicious candles, their own perfume… And the packing is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a whole universe of beautiful, little things.


    • Hi Tamara! We love small pieces but there was a time where we loved huge necklaces, like the ones by JCrew. Glad you like the bracelet!

  1. Another good reason to stay at that hotel. I’m with you. I used to wear mostly statement jewellery and now I find myself leaning more toward delicate pieces. I like the necklace you left your heart with. Hmm I can see myself browsing the online shop.

  2. Wow, their jewels are so lovely! Very chic and understated. You might also like this small jeweler based in Florence which I have recently heard about: I am afraid their website is in Italian only but the images will get you an idea of their pieces.

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