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Chia seed, coconut and skyr breakfast bowl

We have finally tried chia seeds. We wanted to know what the fuss was about after reading all the benefits of these little seeds. Besides, we love trying new recipes for breakfast! 
The best thing about this recipe is that it takes almost no time to prepare it. You combine the chia seeds (2 tbsp),  almond milk (180 ml), desicated coconut (2 tbsp) and dates (3 dried pitted dates finely chopped) in a bowl and leave it in the fridge over night. The following morning you just have to stir the mixture, dollop a big spoon of skyr and add your favourite fruit (we love mango, so mango it is) and a few almonds.
The flavours are really Summery and, even though the texture can feel a little bit peculiar at the beginning, you will get used to it and love it! To be honest, we gave this recipe a go because I haven’t been feeling that well lately. I was looking for a breakfast menu that will be easy to digest and that will give me energy to face the day. I was reluctant to try these bowls that are all over the Internet because I thought they were just another silly trend, but I have to admit that if you are having digesting problems they can make your mornings way better because they are delicious and sit really well!



    • This recipe is great, even though I couldn’t say how exactly those seeds taste like. It depends on the ingredients you choose! I’m fine. I could be better? Yes. But now we are in Spain so everything is better! Thanks!

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