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48 hours in Mallorca

After our Portuguese weather fiasco we were longing for sun, sand and sea breeze. We couldn’t stand this so called Summer full of rain, storms and grey skies. So we book a last minute flight and flew to Mallorca for the weekend.

It was quite sponaneous for us, since we usually plan everything with time, but as I said we really, really, really needed to getaway. We found a nice boutique hotel located in a small cove which turned out to be a great discovery. The vibes were Spain in the 70’s, so if you are looking for white minimalistic design and cool ambiance, this hotel might not be for you. It was full of retired people, it had the most amazing terraces overlooking the sea, three swimming pools and a really calm atmosphere, which was exactly what we were looking for. The best part of it was the access to a tiny cove called Caló de Ses Llises.

We would wake up very early, have breakfast overlooking the sea and head to the tiny cove to enjoy a quiet morning reading, swimming and admiring the breathtaking colour of the water.

We ate all the fresh fish and grilled vegetables that we could. The old gentleman managing the reception of the hotel recommended us a wonderful restaurant nearby, La gran Tortuga, where we had a wonderful dinner the first night. The service was so traditional and so kind that we felt really welcome and spoiled. It was Spanish hospitality at its best. The food was excellent, real Spanish classics, but they had lots of gluten free options, which surprised me!

Another night we went to Port d’Andraxt for dinner. The atmosphere was completely different, but very charming as well. This area is famous for it’s high profile tourism so we found lots of Valentino Rockstud Flats ladies and Vetiver scented gentlemen enjoying the fascinating sunset. We ate by the sea, we walked ice cream in hand along the promenade and we enjoyed one of those Summer nights to remember.

We had also a little bit of time to wander through the streets of Palma, a wonderful quintessentially Mediterranean city that always surprises us with its beautiful architecture.

All in all it was a perfect weekend. 48 hours that brought back so many childhood memories and  created new images that we will never foget. The scent of pines in the morning, the clear night sky full of stars, the relaxation that only calm waters bring and the joy of feeling the sun in your face was exactly what we needed to restore our bodies, but more importantly, our souls. Because the truth is you don’t need faraway destinations, big holidays or trendy experiences to feel alive and recovered. A couple of slow paced, mindful mornings by the sea are enough.

Mallorca_Weekend_1 Mallorca_Weekend_7 Mallorca_Weekend_6 Mallorca_Weekend_5 Mallorca_Weekend_4 Mallorca_Weekend_3 Mallorca_Weekend_2Mallorca_Weekend_9Mallorca_Weekend_18Mallorca_Weekend_17Mallorca_Weekend_16Mallorca_Weekend_15Mallorca_Weekend_14Mallorca_Weekend_13Mallorca_Weekend_12Mallorca_Weekend_11Mallorca_Weekend_10Mallorca_Weekend_19Mallorca_Weekend_30Mallorca_Weekend_20Mallorca_Weekend_21Mallorca_Weekend_22Mallorca_Weekend_27Mallorca_Weekend_26Mallorca_Weekend_25Mallorca_Weekend_24Mallorca_Weekend_23Mallorca_Weekend_29


    • It really was! We had a wonderful time and it was totally unexpected. We are going to try and be more spontaneous… let’s see what happens!

    • Glad to read that! Mallorca is absolutely amazing. I know there are lots of dreadful resorts for mass tourism, but there is this other Mallorca, so calm and relaxing.

  1. Bellissimo il tuo post di viaggio! Amo Mallorca, ci sono stata per 8 anni in ferie estive! Se ti capita visita Cala mesquida, splendida e Fortalux! Ciao ciao

    • Thank you Michelle! We love Copenhagen and never been to Oslo but we are loooking forward to it, so we should check your blog more often! ;)

  2. Amazing photos! I lived in Mallorca for 6 weeks during my senior year but it looks way more awesome through these photos. :D

  3. Isabel says

    Huyendo de la Tramontana de Menorca que no nos permitia salir al mar, seguimos vuestro consejo y nos escapamos a Mallorca tres dias, alojandonos en el Hotel Petit Cala Fornells que no conociamos. Efectivamente fue un acierto. Tranquilo y relajado para esta epoca. Cerca de Port d’Andratx, que siempre visitamos, estuvimos tambien en Palma y en Puerto Portals.
    Gracias por vuestros buenos consejos

    • Hola Isabel! No sabes la ilusión que nos hace que hayas seguido nuestras recomendaciones y, sobre todo, que las hayas disfrutado! Muchas gracias!!!!

  4. Sabine says

    Hello. I really like your photos. Where was the one with the white lounge chairs taken?

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